Jordaan (disambiguation)

Jordaan may refer to:


  • Jordaan, a neighbourhood in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, part of the borough of Amsterdam-Centrum


Given name
  • Andrew Jordaan, South African cricketer
  • Arno Jordaan, South African Afrikaans singer and songwriter
  • Danny Jordaan (born 1951), president of the South African Football Association (SAFA), lecturer, politician and anti-apartheid activist
  • Henno Jordaan (born 1988), South African cricketer
  • Johnny Jordaan, artistic name for Johannes Hendricus van Musscher (1924–1989), Dutch singer of popular music, in particular the genre known as levenslied
  • Paul Jordaan (born 1992), South African rugby union player
  • Theuns Jordaan (born 1971), South African singer and songwriter
  • Zandré Jordaan (born 1987), South African rugby union player


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