Jonathon Hunt

Jonathon Hunt (born July 1, 1981 in Rochester, Michigan, United States) is a retired American pair skater. With partner Laura Handy, he is the 2000 Karl Shafer Memorial champion and the 2001 Nebelhorn Trophy bronze medalist. With partner Jennifer Don, he is the 2003 World Junior bronze medalist, the 2003 Junior Grand Prix bronze medalist, and the 2004 U.S. national pewter medalist. Don & Hunt announced the end of their partnership on March 8, 2005.[1]

Hunt previously competed with Jessica Hunt and Abbi Gleeson. He also competed as a singles skater on the novice level.


Men's singlesEdit

Event 1998
U.S. Championships 10th J.

Pairs with HandyEdit

Event 2000–2001 2001–2002
Karl Schäfer Memorial 1st
Nebelhorn Trophy 3rd
U.S. Championships 6th 6th
Eastern Sectionals 1st

Pairs with GleesonEdit

Event 2000
U.S. Championships 5th J.

Pairs with DonEdit

Event 2003 2004 2005
World Junior Championships 3rd
U.S. Championships 6th 4th 6th


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