Jollain (engravers)

Jollain (also spelled Jolin[1] and Iollain[2]) was the name of a family of French engravers and engraving publishers who lived and worked in the 17th and 18th centuries, mainly in Paris.[1][3] Their engravings were often published under the name Chez Jollain (English: House of Jollain).[4] The atelier Jollain was responsible for the first engraving of harpsichord music in France.[5]

Family membersEdit

Gérard Jollain (first mentioned 1660, buried 28 May 1683) was a copper engraver.[3] Bénézit gives his name as Gérard Jolin (or Jollain) and says he resided on the Rue Saint-Jacques in Paris under the shop sign Ville de Cologne and was the father of François-Gérard Jollain (next).[1]

François Jollain (ca. 1641 – 18 April 1704) was a copper engraver.[3] Bénézit gives his name as François-Gérard Jolin (or Jollain) l'ainé (the elder) and says he was a graveur au burin (a burin is a type of engraving tool), primarily of portraits, and the son of Gérard Jolin (previous). "He was cited in February 1697 as a marchand graveur juré, mouleur de bois (sworn merchant engraver, caster of wood)."[1]

Jacques Jollain (first mentioned 1679) was a copper engraver.[3] Bénézit gives his name as Jacques Jolin le jeune (the young) and also describes him as a graveur au burin, who did portraits and resided in Paris during the 17th and 18th centuries.[1]

François-Gérard Jollain (first mentioned 1684, last mentioned 1719) was an engraver.[3]

Gérard Jollain (first mentioned 1704, last mentioned 1719) was a copper engraver.[3]


Collection of copper engravings by Gerard Jollain: Vita et Miracula Christi ex novo testamento.


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