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John Willis (musician)

John David Willis is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known for work as a session musician and as a songwriter for television and the video game industry.

John Willis
Birth nameJohn David Willis
BornSt. Martinville, Louisiana
GenresRock music
InstrumentsGuitar, banjo[1]
Years active1983–present


John Willis was raised in St. Martinville, Louisiana. At age 15, he learned to play banjo and then guitar. At age 22, Willis moved to Los Angeles, where he studied guitar at the Guitar Institute of Technology. Upon graduation, Willis moved to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where he began playing guitar in sessions for Shenandoah, Brian McKnight, The Impressions, and others.[2]

Upon the suggestion of David Briggs, Willis moved to Nashville. Willis has been a supporting musician on albums by Shania Twain,[3] Taylor Swift,[4] Willie Nelson,[5] and many others.

Willis" songs have been featured on television networks and video games. He produces projects and jingles in his Willisoundz recording studio.[6]

In 2002, Willis won the Guitarist of The Year award from the Academy of Country Music.[7]

Willis is married to animal rescue activist Stephanie Willis.[8]


This section contains a partial list of albums Willis has contributed to.

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