John V of Werle

Lord John V of Werle[-Güstrow] (born: between 1338 and 1340; died: before 9 September 1378) was co-regent of Werle-Güstrow from 1365 until his death.

John V of Werle
Bornbetween 1338 and 1340
Diedbefore 9 September 1378
Noble familyHouse of Mecklenburg
FatherNicholas III of Werle
MotherAgnes of Mecklenburg

He was the youngest son of Nicholas III Werle-Güstrow and his wife Agnes.

After his father's death in 1360 or 1361, his brother Lorenz ruled alone, probably because John was too young to rule. On 21 September 1365, Lorentz and John signed a deed together, suggesting that at that time, they were ruling jointly.

He married Euphemia, daughter of Henry III, Duke of Mecklenburg, but he remained childless and died young, before 9 September 1378.

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