John Taylor (doctor)

John Taylor M.D. (d. 6 December 1821, Shiraz) was a Scottish missionary in Gujarat, then a government surgeon in Bombay. He translated Bhaskaracharya's Lilavati into English (Bombay, 1816).[1] He died in 1821 at Shiraz, Persia where he had gone for the benefit of his health.[2]


  1. ^ Proceedings of the Asiatic Society: 1801-1816 Asiatic Society (Calcutta, India), No.295 TAYLOR, Dr. JOHN (1810, 1815). Elected on 4-1-1809. (Proposed by W. Carey and seconded by W. Hunter on 7-12-1808). Dr. John Taylor, MD, Edinburgh 1804, was a Missionary attached to the London Missionary Society, at Madras in 1805-07. He was appointed Acting Assistant Surgeon, Bombay, on 26 March 1807 and the appointment was confirmed by the Court of Directors on 26 March 1809. He was promoted Surgeon on 28 Sept. 1821 and died at Shiraz on 6 December 1821. He translated Bhaskaracharya's "Lilawati: or a treatise on arithmetic and geometry" and published it from Bombay in 1816.
  2. ^ Notes and queries 1858 "Soon afterwards he went to Bombay, and continued there till nearly the time of his death, which took place towards the end of 1821 at Shiraz in Persia, whither he had gone shortly before for the benefit of his health. He was never resident at Bussorah, nor indeed, so far as the writer of this is informed, was he ever employed out of the medical service at Bombay, except, perhaps, as translator or interpreter to the Recorder's Court there."