John Mulkey (drag racer)

John Mulkey is an American gasser drag racer.[1]

In 1956, Mulkey won NHRA's B/SR (B Street) championship at Kansas City, Missouri, driving a 1932 Ford powered by a transplanted Ford engine.[2] He recorded a pass of 14.43 seconds at 99.22 mph (159.68 km/h).[3]

Mulkey repeated his class win at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1958, the Ford now powered by a small-block Chevrolet.[4] His winning pass was 13.36 seconds at 104.65 mph (168.42 km/h).[5]

By winning two titles, Mulkey became NHRA's third two-time national classs champion. He was first to achieve it in B/SR.[6]

Mulkey's winning 1932 Ford was used in the science fiction movie "The Giant Gila Monster" [1]. In the finale, Chase, the hero of the movie, loads the car with nitro and runs it into the monster gila monster and destroys it and the car. In reality a model of the car is destroyed, not the actual race car.


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