John Julian (c. 1701—March 26, 1733) was a mixed-blood[1] pirate who operated in the New World, as the pilot of the ship Whydah.

John Julian
Bornc.1701 (1701)
likely Nicaragua
DiedMarch 22, 1733 (1733-03-23) (aged 32)
Piratical career
Allegiance"Black Sam" Bellamy
Years active1716 – April 26, 1717
Rankpilot of the Whydah Gally

Julian joined pirate Samuel Bellamy, and became the pilot of Bellamy's Whydah when he was probably only 16 years of age.[2]

In 1717, the Whydah shipwrecked, with Julian and a carpenter called Thomas Davis being the only known survivors.[3] He was captured, but not indicted, so he was probably sold as a slave.[citation needed] He may have been the "Julian the Indian" bought by John Quincy, great grandfather of president John Quincy Adams.[1]

"Julian the Indian" reportedly made multiple attempts to flee and once killed a bounty hunter who was after him.[1] He was executed in March 1733.[3]

Newspaper item about execution of "Julian the Indian" (The Weekly Rehearsal, Boston, March 1733)

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