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The ACTRU Premier Division is a rugby union club competition based in Canberra, Australia, and conducted by the region's governing body, the ACT and Southern NSW Rugby Union. It contains four Senior Grades of competition plus Colts, and is competed by the seven ACT Premier Division clubs, plus ADFA, which fields teams in Colts and 3rd Grade only. First Grade teams compete for the John I Dent Cup. The silver cup, which was first played for in 1938,[1][2] was a gift to the union by the pastoralist John I Dent.[1] The competition finals are now held at Viking Park.[3]

ACTRU Premier Division
SportRugby Union
No. of teams7
Most recent
Canberra Royals
Most titlesCanberra Royals
Official websiteWebsite

Premier Division clubsEdit

John I Dent Cup winnersEdit

Year Premiers[3]                                        
1979   Canberra Royals
1978   Wests Lions
1977   Canberra Royals
1976   Wests Lions
1975   Wests Lions
1974   Wests Lions
1973   Wests Lions
1972   Northern Suburbs
1971   Northern Suburbs
1970   Wests Lions
1969   Wests Lions
1968   Canberra Royals
1967   Northern Suburbs
1966   Canberra Royals
1965   Canberra Royals
1964   Canberra Royals
1963   Northern Suburbs
1962   RMC
1961   RMC
1960   RMC
1959   Queanbeyan Whites
1958   Canberra Royals
1957   Canberra Royals
1956   Northern Suburbs
1955   RMC
1954   Canberra Royals
1953   RMC
1952   RMC
1951   RMC
1950   RMC No. 2[4]
1949   RMC
1948   RMC &   Northern Suburbs
1947   Eastern Suburbs
1946   RMC
1945   RMC
1944   RMC
1943   RMC
1942   RMC
1941   Eastern Suburbs &   RMC
1940   Northern Suburbs
1939   Royal Military College (RMC)
1938   Royal Military College (RMC)

Other competitionsEdit

The Monaro first division is made up of 6 clubs from Canberra and its surrounding regions, with each club fielding both first and second grade teams. The Monaro second division has 5 clubs, all from the surrounding ACT & Southern NSW area, and competing in one grade.

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