John III of Chalon-Arlay

John III of Chalon-Arlay (died 1418) was a French nobleman and a member of the House of Chalon-Arlay. He was the son of Louis I lord of Arguel, and the heir of his uncle, Louis's brother, Hugh II lord of Arlay from whom he inherited Arlay.

John III lord of Arlay
Blason famille fr Chalon Orange.svg
Coat of arms of Chalon (red shield with yellow ribbon) and Orange (blue bugle); over all the (claimed) county of Geneva.
Noble familyHouse of Chalon-Arlay
Spouse(s)Mary of Baux-Orange
FatherLouis I lord of Arguel
MotherMarguerite de Vienne

He married Mary of Baux-Orange, who was the heiress of the Principality of Orange. John thus became Prince jure uxoris of Orange. John and Mary were the parents of