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John Hardin High School is a school located in Radcliff, Kentucky[2] but served by the post office of neighboring Elizabethtown. Established in 2001, the school is named after the Revolutionary War officer and Native American fighter, John Hardin.

John Hardin High School
384 W. A. Jenkins Road

Coordinates37°45′19″N 85°54′14″W / 37.7554°N 85.9039°W / 37.7554; -85.9039Coordinates: 37°45′19″N 85°54′14″W / 37.7554°N 85.9039°W / 37.7554; -85.9039
School typePublic
MottoStrength, Determination, and Bulldog Pride. That's the Bulldog Way!
School districtHardin County Schools
SuperintendentTeresa Morgan
PrincipalMark Wells
Enrollment858[1] (2017–18)


Education systemEdit

The school runs on "block" scheduling; there are five 70 minute blocks of class a day. Students are required to receive 26 credits before graduation. The exact credits required vary depending on the desired diploma: the Commonwealth Diploma, the highest and most difficult to achieve, the Academic Studies diploma (second highest), and the Regular Studies diploma. The classes rotate every trimester, 12 weeks.

Bill Clinton visitEdit

Former president Bill Clinton visited John Hardin High School on May 19, 2008 to campaign for his wife, Hillary Clinton in the 2008 democratic primary election. He met John Hardin Principal Alvin Garrison, and other members of the John Hardin staff such as Gregory Cecil, and valedictorian, Will Chadwick before delivering his speech. The event took place at 7:30 p.m and was open to the public.[3]

Student HistoryEdit

On October 20th of 2018, two John Hardin senior students (Jacob Barber and Katarina Peeters) were killed instantly in a car crash when two meth addicts (Shawn Welsh and Laura Neville) were speeding down a highway, running away from police. In the same crash, two other students were severely injured, but would go on to recover. In addition, another senior (Analiese Lindner) was also killed in a car accident when she hit a guard rail, swerved into the opposing lane, and was hit by a semi-truck on March 3rd of 2019--only a few months later. Many events were held in these students' honer, including attending their visitations and funerals for those who wanted to wish their last farewells and to give their respects to the families.


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