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Johannes Årsjö

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Johannes Årsjö (born 21 June 1985)[1] is a Swedish strongman competitor.

Johannes Årsjö
Born Johannes Årsjö
(1985-06-21) 21 June 1985 (age 32)[1]
Sweden Sweden
Occupation Strongman
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)[1]
Weight 157 kg (346 lb)[1]
Title Sweden's Strongest Man
Competition record
Representing  Sweden
World's Strongest Man
18th 2008 World's Strongest Man
18th 2009 World's Strongest Man
9th 2012 World's Strongest Man
8th 2013 World's Strongest Man
18th 2016 World's Strongest Man

Europe's Strongest Man
2nd 2014
2nd 2016

Strongman Champions League
2nd Strongman Champions League 2010: Bulgaria
2nd Strongman Champions League 2011: SCL Iceman Challenge
2nd Strongman Champions League 2011: Serbia
4th Strongman Champions League 2011: Holland
2nd Strongman Champions League 2012: Russia
Strongman Super Series
4th 2008 Viking Power Challenge
3rd 2009 Bucharest Grand Prix
8th 2009 Los Angeles Grand Prix
7th 2009 Gothenburg Grand Prix
2nd 2010 Viking Power Challenge
Giants Live
5th 2009 Mohegan Sun Grand Prix
7th 2009 Viking Power Challenge
3rd 2010 Ukraine
1st 2013 Norway
2nd 2015 Swedish Open

Sweden's Strongest Man
5th 2007
1st 2009
1st 2010
1st 2011
1st 2012
1st 2013
1st 2014
1st 2015
1st 2016



Born in Västervik,[1] Sweden, Årsjö came to international prominence after winning Sweden's Strongest Man in 2009[2] A series of top 10 finishes in international grand prixs within both the Giants Live and Strongman Super Series circuits led to an invite to the 2008 and 2009 World's Strongest Man contests, but he failed to qualify for the finals on both occasions. Johannes was once again invited to the 2010 World's Strongest Man, but he was injured shortly before the qualifying heats began.

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