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Strongman Champions League

The Strongman Champions League is a strongman competition circuit, with several grand prix events throughout the year and the Strongman Champions League overall champion title going to the overall winner at the end of the season. The competitors include some of the top athletes in the sport, including Žydrūnas Savickas, Krzysztof Radzikowski, Travis Ortmayer, Nick Best, Mikhail Koklyaev, Ervin Katona, Andrus Murumets, Laurence Shahlaei, Vytautas Lalas and Terry Hollands. Initially in close partnership with IFSA, it quickly asserted its independence and has acted as a unifying force in the world of strength athletics, bringing together athletes from IFSA with those affiliated to the World's Strongest Man circuit, and having close cooperation with other major events such as Fortissimus. In 2012, SCL began co-promoting the new Arnold Strongman Classic-Europe contest which will become part of the annual SCL season of events.

Strongman Champions League
Strongman Champions League (logo).png
The official logo of the Strongman Champions League
Tournament information
Location Various international locations
Month played multiple grand prix events held throughout the year
Established 2008
Format Multi-event competition
Purse varies
Latvia Dainis Zageris[1]



Strongman Champions League in Gibraltar.
Strongman Champions League in Gibraltar.

The Strongman Champions League was developed by Ilkka Kinnunen and Marcel Mostert, longtime strongman promoters, with major contests to their credit worldwide, and was launched in 2008. Kinnunen & Mostert described SCL as "a new episode in strongman".[2]

"A complete series of 10–12 competitions, that will take place all over the world, but most of the competitions will be held in Europe. The very best champions, referees and their organizers will be the guarantee of a great new, fresh excitement in Strongman sport. The competition venues are the best which each country can offer and it will include the country's own traditional elements."[2] As well as citing that all points will be accumulated for a Champions League Winner at the end of the year, the organisers also explicitly stated that "Rules will be done officially as and that "The top 3 will be directly placed in the World Championships".[2] Mostert also said "All together we think that this is a perfect platform of competitions that will lead to another great World Championship.".[2]

Thus, IFSA were inextricably linked at the inception of the league. IFSA, however, were in reportedly dire financial straits towards the end of that year. By December, Mostert distanced the league from the ailing governing body and explicitly said that the Strongman Champions League had nothing to do with IFSA. He told IronMind "We have our own logo, we have our own brand, we do our own competitions."[3] Its own website was launched shortly afterwards.

The league organisers had originally reported that Champions League competitions "will be televised and spread all over the world and they released a list of venues that had been organised in advance. In the harsh economic climate of 2008, the league was not immune to the effects, and the league did have to cancel some venues, but unlike with the IFSA, the vast majority of the competitions still took place. In 2008, the SCL had 45 top strength athletes competing, representing more than 20 countries.[4]

Fortissimus CooperationEdit

In 2008 Paul Ohl stated that the Strongman Champions League was one of three organisations that had made an agreement with Fortissimus in order to unite the world strength community, the others being the American Strongman Corporation, and the Aussiepower organization. Within the agreement, Fortissimus, the competition that confers the title of "Strongest Man on the Planet", guaranteed that the winner of the America's Strongest Man title would be granted a slot in Fortissimus from 2009, as would the winner of the Australia's Strongest Man title. The agreement with the Strongman Champions League went further, stating that the top three athletes would have guaranteed places and in return the top Canadian athletes would have guaranteed selected participation in the Champions League.[5] This later went further, guaranteeing the SCL its top five athletes would have places.[4] The agreement was reemphasised in a joint statement from Marcel Mostert and Paul Ohl in early 2009.[4]

2009 and links with WSMEdit

The 2009 programme was planned with ten major contests on schedule. In addition, feeder contests were introduced, one happening in Spain in December 2008 and a further event in Germany called the FIBO Strongman Classic in April 2009. The best two athletes from this FIBO classic 2009 edition were guaranteed into the Champions League, and it was postulated that this German event would be promoted to full SCL status in 2010.

The Strongman Champions League importantly made further progress in acting as a fundamental part of a unifying movement for world strength athletics by making plans to help get its athletes to the 2009 World's Strongest Man contest. Mostert stated that "The top 5 SCL athletes will have places in the Giants Live tour for qualifying at World's Strongest Man (WSM) 2009". In addition, he also stated that wild cards for the WSM will include SCL athletes. He went on to say that "Finally we made it all possible again that all the athletes have chances to qualify for the WSM, which means in my opinion the WSM will have the strongest field ever in her history!". He went on to thank TWI/IMG and Giants Live for their part in making these possibilities. This was groundbreaking because for a number of years prior to this, the athletes under the IFSA had been banned by the federation from entering WSM (since the IFSA fell out of favour with TWI). Likewise, the athletes invited to participate in WSM were not invited to participate in IFSA events. Some competitions bridged the divide, such as the Arnold Strongman Classic and more recently Fortissimus, but neither had the history or gravitas, or indeed popular appeal of the iconic World's Strongest Man. The IFSA athletes, with the demise of the IFSA finances, almost all competed in SCL from 2008. This deal, along with the Fortissimus deal before it, united strongman in a way it had not been since 2004.

The 2009 season began properly on 9 May, with the Strongman Champions League Serbia. Finland followed on 16 May,[6] with Slovakia and the Netherlands in June.


List of SCL Season ChampionsEdit

Year Athlete Nationality
2008 Zydrunas Savickas   Lithuania
2009 Andrus Murumets   Estonia
2010 Terry Hollands   United Kingdom
2011 Ervin Katona   Serbia
2012 Zydrunas Savickas   Lithuania[1]
2013 Krzysztof Radzikowski   Poland
2014 Martin Wildauer   Austria
2015 Krzysztof Radzikowski   Poland
2016 Dainis Zageris   Latvia


Name and Location Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Date[7]
  Latvia   Žydrūnas Savickas   Travis Ortmayer   Agris Kazelniks March 22, 2008
  Serbia   Žydrūnas Savickas   Ervin Katona   Andrus Murumets May 10, 2008
  Netherlands   Žydrūnas Savickas   Andrus Murumets   Travis Ortmayer June 1, 2008
  Bulgaria   Andrus Murumets   Žydrūnas Savickas   Ervin Katona June 21, 2008
  Lithuania   Žydrūnas Savickas   Vidas Blekaitis   Saulius Brusokas August 2, 2008
  Romania   Žydrūnas Savickas   Ervin Katona   Oleksandr Lashyn August 16, 2008
  Finland   Mikhail Koklyaev   Žydrūnas Savickas   Ervin Katona August 29, 2008
Overall placings[8]   Žydrūnas Savickas 130 points   Ervin Katona 72 points   Agris Kazelniks 60 points


Name and Location Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Date[7]
  Serbia   Mikhail Koklyaev   Andrus Murumets   Travis Ortmayer May 9, 2009[9]
  Finland   Andrus Murumets   Vidas Blekaitis   Martin Wildauer May 16–17, 2009[10]
  Slovakia   Andrus Murumets   Terry Hollands   Alexander Klyushev June 7, 2009[11]
  Netherlands   Mikhail Koklyaev   Agris Kazelniks   Richard van der Linden June 14, 2009[12]
  Spain   Ervin Katona   Andrus Murumets   Jimmy Laureys October 10, 2009[13][14]
  England   Žydrūnas Savickas   Mark Felix   Andrus Murumets October 18, 2009[15]
  Hungary   Žydrūnas Savickas   Andrus Murumets   Ervin Katona October 29, 2009[14][16]
  Kiev, Ukraine
"SCL 2009 Finals"
  Žydrūnas Savickas   Travis Ortmayer   Agris Kazelniks November 14, 2009[16][17]
Overall placings[18]   Andrus Murumets 105 points   Agris Kazelniks 68 points   Žydrūnas Savickas 60 points

2009 QualifiersEdit

The Strongman Champions League introduced qualifying competitions for 2009. From these competitions, the top two were guaranteed places in the SCL. The first qualifier was run in Los Barrios, Spain. The second was the FIBO Classic in Germany.

Name and Location Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Date
Spanish International Challenge
  Jarno Hams   Ervin Katona   Steve MacDonald December 2008[19]
  Travis Ortmayer   Martin Wildauer   Igor Werner April 2009[20]


Name and Location Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Date
  Kuusamo, Lapland Finland
"SCL Iceman Challenge"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Terry Hollands   Konstiantyn Ilin March 21, 2010[21]
  Mikhail Koklyaev   Terry Hollands   Travis Ortmayer April 24, 2010[21]
  Ideapark, Finland   Mikhail Koklyaev   Terry Hollands   Travis Ortmayer May 16, 2010[22]
  Limerick, Ireland   Zydrunas Savickas/
  Terry Hollands tie
  Agris Kazelniks June 6, 2010[23]
  Sofia, Bulgaria   Ervin Katona   Johannes Arsjo   Terry Hollands June 13, 2010[24]
  Netherlands   Travis Ortmayer   Mikhail Koklyaev   Ervin Katona June 20, 2010[25]
  Serbia   Ervin Katona   Agris Kazelniks   Gabor Fargacs August 29, 2010[26]
  Slovakia   Ervin Katona   Terry Hollands   Konstiantyn Ilin October 9, 2010[27]
  Kiev, Ukraine
"SCL 2010 Finals"
  Serhiy Romanchuk   Agris Kazelniks   Mikhail Koklyaev December 18, 2010[28]
Overall placings[28]   Terry Hollands 132 points   Ervin Katona 106 points   Mikhail Koklyaev 98 points


Name and Location Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Date
  Kuusamo, Lapland Finland
"SCL Iceman Challenge II"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Johannes Arsjo   Ervin Katona March 19, 2011[29]
  Zydrunas Savickas   Terry Hollands   Martin Wildauer April 16, 2011[30]
  Serbia   Ervin Katona   Johannes Arsjo   Jimmy Laureys May 21, 2011[31]
  South Africa   Laurence Shahlaei   Etienne Smit   Warrick Brant June 8, 2011[32]
  Tampere, Finland   Vytautas Lalas   Laurence Shahlaei   Ervin Katona June 12, 2011[33]
  Netherlands   Laurence Shahlaei   Ervin Katona   Jimmy Laureys June 18, 2011[34]
  Bulgaria   Ervin Katona   Vytautas Lalas   Rob Frampton June 25, 2011[35]
  Canary Islands   Ervin Katona   Tomi Lotta   Jarno Hams September 3, 2011[36]
  Slovakia   Konstiantyn Ilin   Branislav Golier   Tomi Lotta September 10, 2011[37]
"SCL 2011 Semi-Finals"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Jean-François Caron   Laurence Shahlaei September 30-Oct. 2, 2011[38]
  Latvia   Zydrunas Savickas   Jean-François Caron   Agris Kazelniks Nov. 18-19, 2011[39]
  Sarajevo, Bosnia
"SCL 2011 Finals"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Jean-François Caron   Ervin Katona Feb. 7, 2012
Overall placings[40]   Ervin Katona 201 points   Zydrunas Savickas 176 points   Laurence Shahlaei 106 points


Name and Location Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Date
  Kuusamo, Lapland Finland
"SCL Iceman Challenge III"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Laurence Shahlaei   Janusz Kulaga March 9, 10 2012[41]
  Zydrunas Savickas   Laurence Shahlaei   Ervin Katona April 22, 2012[42]
  Novi Sad, Serbia   Ervin Katona   Terry Hollands   Lauri Nami May 5, 2012[43]
  Zevenaar, Netherlands   Zydrunas Savickas   Laurence Shahlaei   Jarno Hams June 30, 2012[44]
  Jiangsu, China
"SCL World Shanghai Cup"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Laurence Shahlaei   Ervin Katona July 4–8, 2012[45]
  Oporto, Portugal   Zydrunas Savickas   Ervin Katona   Terry Hollands July 21, 2012[46]
  PowerPark Alaharma, Finland   Zydrunas Savickas   Mikhail Koklyaev   Terry Hollands Aug. 11, 2012[47]
  Trzebnica, Poland   Zydrunas Savickas/
  Mikhail Koklyaev tie
  Krzysztof Radzikowski Aug. 18, 2012[48]
  Vladivostok, Russia   Mikhail Koklyaev   Johannes Arsjo   Marius Lalas Aug. 25, 2012[49]
  Gibraltar   Zydrunas Savickas   Lauri Nami   Terry Hollands September 2, 2012[50]
  Bansko, Bulgaria   Rafal Kobylarz   Saulius Brusokas   Paul Pirjol September 22, 2012[51]
  Siemens Arena Vilnius, Lithuania
"SCL Savickas Classic"

"SCL 2012 Semi-Finals"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Vidas Blekaitis   Vytautas Lalas Oct. 6, 2012[52]
  Madrid, Spain
"Arnold Strongman Classic-Europe"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Vytautas Lalas Oct. 13 & 14, 2012[53]
  Fort-de-France, Martinique
"SCL 2012 Finals"
  Žydrūnas Savickas   Mikhail Koklyaev   Krzysztof Radzikowski Nov. 16-18 2012[1][54]
Overall placings[1][55]   Žydrūnas Savickas 275 points   Ervin Katona 130 points   Mikhail Koklyaev 114 points


Name and Location Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Date
  Kuusamo, Lapland Finland
"SCL Iceman Challenge IV"
  Krzysztof Radzikowski   Tomi Lotta   Laurence Shahlaei March 16, 2013[56]
  Vytautas Lalas   Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson   Krzysztof Radzikowski April 13, 2013[57]
  Novi Sad, Serbia   Ervin Katona   Martin Wildauer   Dainis Zageris May 18, 2013[58]
  Olaine, Latvia   Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson   Dainis Zageris   Meelis Peil May 26, 2013[59]
  Pilzen, Czech Republic   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Vytautas Lalas   Lauri Nami June 9, 2013[60]
  Wunderland Kalkar, Germany   Zydrunas Savickas   Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson   Krzysztof Radzikowski June 22, 2013[61]
  Jiangsu, China
"SCL World Shanghai Cup"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson   Jean-François Caron July 9–13, 2013[62]
  Tavira, Portugal   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Bjorn Andre Solvang   Vytautas Lalas July 27, 2013[63]
"SCL Truck Pull World Championships"
  Ervin Katona   Antti Mourujarvi   Meelis Peil Aug. 10, 2013[64]
  Budapest, Hungary   Ervin Katona   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Meelis Peil Aug. 31, 2013[65]
  Košice, Slovakia   Lauri Nami   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Martin Wildauer September 7, 2013[66]
  Vladivostok, Russia   Zydrunas Savickas   Mike Burke   Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson September 14, 2013[67]
  Kartuzy, Poland   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Zydrunas Savickas   Dainis Zageris September 21, 2013[68]
  Gibraltar   Zydrunas Savickas   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Dainis Zageris September 28, 2013[69]
  Tallinn, Estonia   Meelis Peil   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Lauri Nami Oct. 5, 2013[70]
  Siemens Arena Vilnius, Lithuania
"SCL Savickas Classic"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Vidas Blekaitis   Krzysztof Radzikowski Oct. 20, 2013[71]
  São Paulo, Brazil
"SCL 2013 Semi-Finals"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Nov. 8, 2013[72]
  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"SCL 2013 Finals"
  Zydrunas Savickas   Mike Burke   Krzysztof Radzikowski Nov. 23, 2013[72]
Overall placings   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Zydrunas Savickas   Ervin Katona


Name and Location Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Date
  Martinique Martinique
  Ervin Katona   Gerald Gschiel   Lauri Nami March 15,16 2014[73]
  Zydrunas Savickas   Martin Wildauer   Ervin Katona April 5, 2014[74]
  Serbia,   Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson   Ervin Katona   Martin Wildauer May 10, 2014[75]
  FINLAND   Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson   Marius Lalas   Rauno Heinla June 13, 2014[76]
  NETHERLANDS   Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson   Grzegorz Szymanski   Alex Moonen June 21, 2014[77]
  Olaine Latvia
  Rafal Kobylarz   Vidas Blekaitis   Martin Wildauer June 29, 2014[78]
  Portugal   Martin Wildauer   Dainis Zageris   Lauri Nami July 04, 2014[79]
  Ervin Katona   Martin Wildauer   Krzysztof Radzikowski July. 19, 2014[80]
  POLAND   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Martin Wildauer   Vidas Blekaitis Aug. 03, 2014[81]
  HUNGARY   Krzysztof Radzikowski  Ervin Katona  Matjaz Belsak Aug.30 , 2014[82]
  ZAMBIA   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Ervin Katona   Dainis Zageris September 13, 2014[83]
  ROMANIA   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Ervin Katona   Martin Wildauer September 21, 2014[83]
  Lithuania   Rauno Heinla   Vidas Blekaitis   Matjaz Belsak Oct. 5, 2014[83]
  Estonia   Rauno Heinla   Martin Wildauer   Krzysztof Radzikowski Oct.18, 2014[83]
"SCL 2014 Finals"
  Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson   Eddy Hall   Krzysztof Radzikowski Nov.14,15 2014[72]
Overall placings   Martin Wildauer   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Ervin Katona


Name and Location Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Date
"World's Strongest Viking"
  Hafthor Bjornsson   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Jean-François Caron Jan. 31,2015
  Krzysztof Radzikowski   Matjaz Belsak   Jean-François Caron Apr.11,2015
  Netherlands   Grzegorz Szymanski   Zydrunas Savickas   Dainis Zageris June 6, 2015
  Finland   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Zydrunas Savickas   Rauno Heinla June 13, 2015
  Bulgaria   Hafthor Bjornsson   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Stojan Todorchev June 20, 2015
  Latvia   Dainis Zageris   Oskars Martuzans   Krzysztof Radzikowski June 27, 2015
  Croatia   Hafthor Bjornsson   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Stojan Todorchev Aug.29,2015
  Poland   Grzegorz Szymanski   Dainis Zageris   Krzysztof Radzikowski September 6, 2015
  Austria   Marius Lalas   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Matjaz Belsak September 12, 2015
  Romania   Dainis Zageris   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Alex Moonen September 21, 2015
  Lithuania   Marius Lalas   Grzegorz Szymanski   Jean-François Caron Oct.4,2015
  Portugal   Jean-François Caron   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Bjorn Solvang Oct.10,2015
  Martinique   Dainis Zageris   Jean-François Caron   Matjaz Belsak Oct.25,2015
"SCL 2015 Finals"
  Krzysztof Radzikowski   Dainis Zageris   Alex Moonen Dec.5,2015
Overall placing   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Dainis Zageris   Jean-François Caron

SCL North American ChampionshipsEdit

In 2012, SCL announced the first ever SCL North American Championships to be held in Warwick Ontario, Canada from July 5–8, 2012.[84] The contest took place over 4 days and consisted of 10 events, with athletes from USA and Canada, with 5 athletes from each country.[84] The event was organized by SCL in association with the Festival Hommes Forts-Warwick along with co-organizer Jean Fréchette.[84] The event also featured an amateur, semi-pro and a strongwoman competition.[84]


Dates: July 5–8, 2012[85] Warwick, Quebec, Canada  

Position Name Country Points
1 Louis-Philippe Jean   81
2 Christian Savoie   76
3 Nick Best   73
4 Dave Ostlund   57.5
5 Adam Scherr   57.5
6 Jacki Ouellet   54
7 Paul Vaillancourt   42.5
8 Steve Schmidt   42
9 Simon Boudreau   37.5
10 Joel Dircks   27


Dates: July 5–7, 2013[86] Warwick, Quebec, Canada  

Position Name Country Points
1 Mike Burke   89
2 Louis-Phillipe Jean   87
3 Christian Savoie   73
4 Jason Bergmann   67
5 Karl Gillingham   54
6 Luke Skaarup   53
7 Paul Vaillancourt   44
8 Steve Schmidt   41
9 Maxime Boudreault   35
10 Joel Dircks   31
11 Scott Cummine   28
12 Dale Schumaker   17


Dates: July 4–6, 2014[87] Warwick, Quebec, Canada  

Position Name Country Points
1 Brian Shaw   85.5
2 Jean-François Caron   74
3 Jason Bergmann   61
4 Luke Skaarup   54.5
5 Josh Thigpen   54
6 Ben Ruckstuhl   52
7 Nick Best   51
8 Paul Vaillancourt   45.5
9 Dimitar Savatinov   44.5
10 Maxime Boudreault   43
11 Dale Schumaker   20
12 Christian Savoie   18* injured (tore both patella's on 2nd event)

105kg Strongman World ChampionshipsEdit

The 105 kg Strongman World Championships was created by Ilkka Kinnunen and Marcel Mostert, the founders of the Strongman Champions League in 2004. The contest includes only athletes weighing 105 kg (231 lbs.) and under, and SCL has stated that it intends to hold the 105 kg Strongman World Championships every 2 years.[88]


In 2007 the World Championships were held in China, with 17 athletes from 16 different countries participated in the event. The competitions consisted of 10 events over the course of 1 week.[88] Dates: December 2007 China  

Position Name Country Points
1 Janne Hartikainen   143.5
2 Alvidas Brazdzius   133.5
3 Maris Rosenthals   129
4 Sergi Konyushok   124.5
5 Zdravko Zanev   123
6 Gert Gorsanov   108
7 Jason Scheepers   99.5
8 Danny Andersson   98.5
9 Piotr Piechowiak   93
10 Kevin Nowack   93
11 Fouad Hsaini   85.5
12 Janos Kezler   74.5
13 Gerhard Trawöger   66.5
14 Patrick Baboumian   64
15 Robert Scott   40.5
16 Min Hyogun   26,5
17 Papp Gyula   22


In 2009 and 2010 the contest was held in Kiev, Ukraine during the same weekend as the SCL Finals, with co-organizers Vladimir & Olena Kiba from the Ukrainian Federation of Strength Athletes (UFSA).[88][89] Dates: November 14, 2009 Kiev, Ukraine  

Position Name Country Points
1 Vitaliy Gerasimov   70
2 Mikhailo Melnikov   68
3 Marius Lalas   64
4 Gert Gorshanov   63
5 Aleksander Mantserov   58
6 Justin Blake   37
7 Alexey Vishnitsky   34.5
8 Maris Blumfelds   34
9 Patrick Baboumian   31
10 Paul Wood   25.5
11 Josef Masaryk   17
12 Rami Koski   9


Dates: December 18, 2010[90] Kiev, Ukraine  

Position Name Country Points
1 Vitaliy Gerasimov   55
2 Aleksander Mantserov   54
3 Topi Fryfeld   35.5
4 Oleksander Krivchenkov   34.5
5 Alexey Vishnitsky   31.5
6 Rori Scheepers   31
7 Tomas Haijnal   25.5
8 Harri Peltomaa   25
9 Maris Blumfeld   9
10 Ladislav Zsemlye   7


Dates: July 28, 2013[91] Kiev, Ukraine  

Position Name Country Points
1 Ben Kelsey   60
2 Oleksandre Kryvchenkov   56.5
3 Marcin Sedwicki   53.5
4 Mykhailo Hodyakov   39.0
5 Dalius Ziminskas   38.0
6 Sean Demarinis   37.0
7 Vidar Daae Vikoyr   34.5
8 Johnny Wasisko   33.5

World Log Lift ChampionshipsEdit

In its inaugural year, the Strongman Champions League introduced the World Log Lift Championships. The event had been a staple of strongman competitions since the early 1980s. Beginning with the 1980 World's Strongest Man contest, Bill Kazmaier hoisted 157 kg to win the event and set a world record. Over eight years Kazmaier increased the record to 170 kg. Jamie Reeves, winner of the 1989 World's Strongest Man contest, managed 177 kg in 1989, and 180 kg at the 1992 World Mighty Man contest in Johannesburg, South Africa.

It was ten years before 2001 World's Strongest Man winner Svend Karlsen set a new record of 185 kg at the Strongman Super Series event in Sweden. In 2003, Hugo Girard set a new record at the Strongman Super Series event in Canada with 186 kg. In 2004, Zydrunas Savickas set a new record of 188 kg, and Raimunds Bergmanis brought the record up to 190 kg at the Strongman Super Series event in Moscow.

Zydrunas Savickas began his long reign over the log lift world record starting in 2005, bringing it up to 200 kg in Hungary, and then again at the 2005 IFSA European Championships in Riga, Latvia with 202.5 kg. Savickas set another new record in 2006, bringing it up to 205 kg.

In 2008 Savickas broke the record twice more, with marks of 207.5 kg and 210 kg. Savickas set yet another world record of 212.5 kg at the 2009 Log Lift World Championships.

Zydrunas set another world record of 215 kg, set at the 2011 SCL Finals in Sarajevo, Bosnia on Feb. 7, 2012, and another world record of 216 kg by Savickas and was set at the 2012 Europe's Strongest Man contest in Leeds, England on June 23, 2012.[92] Savickas set yet another world record of 217.5 kg at the SCL Holland event in Zevenaar, the Netherlands on June 30, 2012.[44]

Savickas' final world record in 2012 of 220 kg was set during the finals of the 2012 World's Strongest Man contest which he eventually won, marking his third WSM title.[93] This marked Savickas' tenth consecutive log lift world record.

In 2013, Savickas set another world record at the 2013 Europe's Strongest Man in Leeds, England with a lift of 221 kg. The current world record was set by Savickas at the 2015 Log Lift World Championships with a lift of 228 kg.

Log Lift World Record ProgressionEdit

Year Name Log Weight Location
1980   Bill Kazmaier 157 kg   USA
1981   Bill Kazmaier 163.5 kg   USA
1987   Jón Páll Sigmarsson 165 kg   Iceland
1988   Bill Kazmaier 170 kg   Hungary
1989   Jamie Reeves 177 kg   Iceland
1992   Jamie Reeves 180 kg   South Africa
2002   Svend Karlsen 185 kg   Sweden
2003   Hugo Girard 186 kg   Canada
2004   Zydrunas Savickas 188 kg   Ukraine
2004   Raimonds Bergmanis 190 kg   Russia
2005   Zydrunas Savickas 200 kg   Hungary
2005   Zydrunas Savickas 202.5 kg   Latvia
2006   Zydrunas Savickas 205 kg   Netherlands
2008   Zydrunas Savickas 207.5 kg   Netherlands
2008   Zydrunas Savickas 210 kg   Lithuania
2009   Zydrunas Savickas 212.5 kg   Lithuania
2012   Zydrunas Savickas 215 kg   Sarajevo
2012   Zydrunas Savickas 216 kg   England
2012   Zydrunas Savickas 217.5 kg   Netherlands
2012   Zydrunas Savickas 220 kg   USA
2013   Zydrunas Savickas 221 kg   England
2013   Zydrunas Savickas 222.5 kg   Lithuania
2014   Zydrunas Savickas 223 kg   Brazil
2014   Zydrunas Savickas 227 kg   Poland
2015   Zydrunas Savickas 228 kg   Brazil
  • Source of results:[94]


Zydrunas Savickas entered the 2008 Log Lift World Championships as the clear favorite, and intended to set a new record with 212.5 kg.[95] Savickas' competitors included Mikhail Koklyaev, Ervin Katona, Sebastian Wenta, Oleksandr Lashyn, Tobias Ide, Agris Kazelniks, Oleksandr Pekanaov, Krzysztof Radzikowski and Saulius Brusokas.[95]

The competition, held in Lithuania, saw each lift judged by three officials similar to Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting. The referees were Strongman Champions League founders Ilkka Kinnunen, Marcel Mostert and Latvian weighlifter Viktors Ščerbatihs, who had won the bronze medal in the +105 kg superheavyweight class at the recent Beijing Olympics. One of the strongest contenders, Oleksandr Pekanov, who had a personal best of 190 kg missed his opener of 180 kg three times. However, a number of other athletes came away with personal records, and two National Records were set. Zydrunas Savickas missed his world record attempt of 212.5 kg, but won the championships with his lift of 200 kg.[96]


# Name Log Weight
1  Zydrunas Savickas 200 kg (missed 212.5 kg for a new world record)
2  Mikhail Koklyaev 195 kg (NR)
3  Oleksandr Lashyn 195 kg
4  Sebastian Wenta 195 kg
5  Krzysztof Radzikowski 180 kg
6  Ervin Katona 180 kg (NR)
7  Agris Kazelniks 170 kg
8  Saulius Brusokas 160 kg
9  Tobias Ide 160 kg
  • Source of results:[97]


The championships took place in Kaunas, Lithuania on November 21, 2009.


# Name Log Weight
1  Zydrunas Savickas 212.5 kg (WR)
2  Krzysztof Radzikowski 195 kg (NR)
3  Vidas Blekaitis 190 kg
4  Ervin Katona 180 kg
5  Saulius Brusokas 170 kg
6  Agris Kazelniks 165 kg
7  Marys Leitis 165 kg
8  Aleksandr Mantserov 160 kg
9  Dainis Zageris 150 kg
  • Source of results:[98]


The Log Lift Championships were not held in 2010, and was moved up to February 2011 to kick off the 2011 season of SCL.[99]


The 2011 World Log Lift Championships were held in Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania on Feb. 12, 2011 to kick off the 2011 SCL season.[99] Key competitors were reigning champion Zydrunas Savickas, Vidas Blekaitis and Vytautas Lalas who finished in the top 3 places respectively, with Zavickas winning his 3rd straight log lift title. There were 12 athletes in total, 3 athletes failed their opening weight on all 3 attempts.[100] The event was broadcast live on Eurosport.[101]


# Name Log Weight
1  Zydrunas Savickas 192.5 kg (missed 215 kg for a new world record)[100]
2  Vidas Blekaitis 190 kg
3  Vytautas Lalas 185 kg
4  Patrick Baboumian 185 kg (NR)
5  Ervin Katona 185 kg (NR)
6  Warrick Brant 182.5 kg (NR)
7  Bjørn Andrè Solvang 175 kg
8  Agris Kazelniks 175 kg
9  Marshall White 170 kg


The 2012 World Log Lift Championships were held in Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania on Sunday Oct. 7, 2012.[102] The contest took place in the same venue and during the same weekend as the first annual SCL Savickas Classic contest.[52]

Official start listEdit

# Name Log Weight
1  Zydrunas Savickas 210 kg[52]
2  Krzysztof Radzikowski 207.5 kg
3  Vytautas Lalas 200 kg(lightest of 3)
4  Vidas Blekaitis 200 kg
5  Mikhail Koklyaev 200 kg (NR)
6  Johannes Arsjo 185 kg
7  Jean-François Caron 170 kg
8  Ervin Katona 170 kg
9  Alex Moonen 170 kg
10  Juha-Matti Jarvi 170 kg
X  Ettiene Smit Failed all 3 attempts


The 2013 World Log Lift Championships were held in Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania on Saturday October 19, 2013. Savickas set a new world record with a lift of 222.5 kg.[103]


The 2014 Arnold Strongman Brazil were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday April 26, 2014. Savickas set a new world record loglift with a lift of 223. kg.

The 2014 Giants live Poland were held in Dolina Charlotty, Poland on Friday May 9, 2014. Savickas set a new world record loglift with a lift of 227. kg.

The 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic were held in Colombus in Ohio, USA on Saturday Mars 1, 2014. Savickas set a new world record Tire deadlift with a lift of 524. kg.

The 2014 Europe strongest man on Saturday August 9, 2014. Benedikt Magnusson set a new record deadlift with a lift of 461. kg.

The 2015 Arnold Classic Australia on March 2015. Eddie Hall set a new record deadlift with a lift of 462. kg.

The 2015 Europe's strongest man on July 2015. Eddie Hall set a new record deadlift with a lift of 463. kg.

The 2016 Arnold strongman on March 2016. Eddy Hall set a new record deadlift with a lift of 465. kg.

The 2016 Europe's strongest man on 9 July 2016. Eddie Hall set a new record deadlift with a lift of 500. kg.


# Name Log Weight
1  Zydrunas Savickas 222.5 kg (WR)
2  Vidas Blekaitis 205 kg
3  Krzysztof Radzikowski 200 kg
4  Dainis Zageris 185 kg
5  Matt Wanat 180 kg


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