Johann Hulsman

Johann Hulsman, or Hans Holsman (1610 – 1652), was a German Baroque painter active in Cologne.

Portrait of John Frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg by Johann Hulsman


According to Houbraken he was a painter from Cologne who painted for royalty, and Houbraken did not know more about him or his date of birth/death.[1] Houbraken's source was Cornelis de Bie's work on painters called Het Gulden Cabinet.[2] Joachim Sandrart also mentioned him in his book of painters.[3]

According to the RKD he worked together with Johann Toussyn on a church altarpiece in Cologne.[4] He was influenced by Dirk and Frans Hals, and Jurgen Ovens.[4] He was the teacher of Johann Franz Ermels, and was active in Cologne during the years 1632-1646.[4]


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