Johann Gustav Gottlieb Büsching

Johann Gustav Gottlieb Büsching (19 September 1783 – 4 May 1829) was a German antiquary. His knowledge of subjects pertaining to Germany in the Middle Ages was notable.

Johann Gustav Gottlieb Büsching
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Academic background


He was born in Berlin, the son of Anton Friedrich Büsching, a geographer and educator. He studied at the universities of Erlangen and Halle, was appointed royal archivist at Breslau in 1811, and in 1817 an associate professor of archaeology at the University of Breslau.[1] He collected oral folk stories from the Uckermark region, which he published in Volks-Sagen, Märchen und Legenden (1812).[2]

Selected worksEdit

  • Sammlung Deutscher Volkslieder mit einem Anhange Flammländischer u. Französischer, nebst Melodien (Collection of German folk songs with an appendix in Flemish and French, along with melodies; 1807).
  • Deutsche Gedichte des Mittelalters (German poems of the Middle Ages; 3 parts, 1808–25).
  • Volks-Sagen, Märchen und Legenden. Carl Heinrich Reclam, Leipzig 1812 (Folktales, fairy tales and legends).
  • Der Deutschen Leben, Kunst und Wissen im Mittelalter (On German life, art and knowledge in the Middle Ages; 1818–19).[1]


Several of Büsching's Volks-Sagen, Märchen und Legenden have been translated into English. An English language adaptation of "Die Geschichte des Bauer Kiebitz" from Volks-Sagen, Märchen und Legenden was included in Popular Tales and Romances of the Northern Nations (1823) as "Kibitz".[2] Thomas Roscoe translated "History of Count Walter and the Lady Helgunda" and "Assassination of the Empress of Tartary at Neumarkt in the Year 1240" in The German Novelists (1826).[3] A second translation of "Die Geschichte des Bauer Kiebitz" was completed by Edgar Taylor for Grimm's Goblins (1876) as "Peewit", along with "Das Mährchen von der Padde" as "Cherry, or the Frog-Bride".[4] Andrew Lang translated "Das Mährchen von der Padde" as "Puddocky" and included it in The Green Fairy Book (1892). Jan M. Ziolkowski modified the 1823 "Kibitz" English adaptation when reprinting it in Fairy Tales from Before Fairy Tales (2007).[2]


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