Joe Rossi (Peyton Place)

Joe 'Joey' Rossi is a fictional character on the television drama Peyton Place. He was portrayed by actor Michael Christian, during the fourth and fifth seasons in 1968.

Joe Rossi
Peyton Place character
Portrayed byMichael Christian
First appearanceFebruary 22, 1968 (#411)
Last appearanceOctober 30, 1968 (#473)
In-universe information
FamilyMichael Rossi (brother)
Lisa (sister)
SpouseJill Smith

Character history edit

Early life edit

Joe had the reputation of a typical bad boy. He never had a lot of contact with his much older brother Michael Rossi and grew up in New York under the care of his sister Lisa.[1] In his teens, he spent most of his time hanging out with a bad crowd and was often put in juvenile's prison for theft and other minor criminal acts.[1] He often stood in the shadow of Michael, who was idolized, whereas Joe was looked down upon.[1]

Connection to Jill edit

Offscreen, in the late 1960s, Joe had a short-lived relationship with Jill Smith, who suddenly left him.[2]

Peyton Place edit

In 1968, Joe comes to Peyton Place, because he could not bear living with his sister anymore. However, it is later revealed he fled to town to avoid the revenge of a hoodlum friend in New York City. He immediately seeks contact with Michael, who criticizes him for his lack of responsibility.[1] Meanwhile, he notices Jill's baby and thinks it is his, but Jill denies it.[2]

It later turns out Joe and Jill together made up a story on their baby to scheme the residents of Peyton Place. They marry and leave town.

Production edit

Michael Christian was cast in the role on September 30, 1967 and first appeared on television almost five months later.[3]

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