Joe Gaffney

Joe Gaffney is a British photographer who captured the image of important figures from the 1970s before moving on to fashion photography with French Vogue.[1]


Gaffney was educated at the Royal College of Art in London.[2] While at college Gaffney began to develop a career as a portrait photographer. Between 1971 and 1973, he was shooting for Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine. He also photographed Marianne Faithfull and Serge Gainsbourg.[1] Among his other portraits are Cecil Beaton, Jean Muir, Spike Milligan (1974) and Man Ray (Paris, 1975), all of which are in the National Portrait Gallery.[3]


The first portrait that Gaffney did for French Vogue was of François Truffaut in 1977. He then photographed the model Shaun Casey, and from there became a regular photographer for the magazine.[1]

Later careerEdit

In 1985 Gaffney moved to New York when his wife was offered a job there but he was unsuccessful in establishing himself as a photographer in the city and returned to painting in 1989.[1] Later, Kathleen Turner saw some of his work in New York and encouraged him to start working as a photographer again and he completed a shoot for Dazed & Confused.[1]


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