Jobs With Justice (JWJ) is a labor rights organization in the United States, focused on the vision that all workers should be able to collectively bargain. It was founded in 1987 and is made up of individuals and affiliated organizations. As of 2022, Jobs With Justice coalitions existed in over 30 cities or states in all regions of the country.[1] In 2012 Jobs With Justice announced a merger with American Rights at Work, another U.S. union advocate organization.[2] Jobs With Justice is based in Washington, D.C., and is led by Executive Director Erica Smiley.

The current Jobs With Justice logo, in use since 2014

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Jobs With Justice was founded in 1987.[3]

In 2012, Jobs With Justice merged with fellow labor rights group American Rights at Work forming a single organization under the Jobs With Justice banner.[4]

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TESA Collective and Jobs With Justice funded a labor organizing game on Kickstarter. In STRIKE!: The Game of Worker Rebellion, players grow their ranks, mobilize workers, and organize strikes around their city. The campaign for the game ran during a union drive at Kickstarter.[5]

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