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Patricia Joan Curry Hughesman (born December 1918)[1] is an English squash and tennis player who won the British Open Squash Championships three times in a row from 1947–49. Her toughest victory was in 1948, when she beat the 10-time British Open winner Janet Morgan in five sets. She was also the runner-up at the championship three consecutive times from 1950-52.[2][3]

Patricia Joan Curry Hughesman
BornDecember 1918
OccupationSquash and Tennis Player

In tennis she won the singles title at the British Covered Court Championships in 1949 after a two sets victory in the final against Jean Quertier, conceding just one game.[4] The following year, 1950, she lost her title to Quertier who beat her in a three-sets final.[5] At the British Hard Court Championships in Bournemouth she was a singles runner-up to Australian Nancye Bolton in 1947 and won the title in 1949 and 1950, against Quertier and Mary Terán de Weiss in the final respectively.[5] In 1946 and 1950 she was part of the British team that took part in the Wightman Cup, the annual women's team tennis competition between the United States and Great Britain.[5] Curry was interviewed about her career in 2004.[6]


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