Joachim of Osogovo

Joachim of Osogovo or Joachim Osogovski[1] was a Bulgarian hermit,[2] now a saint,[3] a contemporary of Gabriel of Lesnovo and Prohor of Pčinja. Joachim was named after a mountain, the Osogovo,[4] no differently than Prohor Pčinjski who, too, was named after a mountain, Pčinja.

Joachim of Osogovo
Ioakim-Ososgovski ot Poganovo.jpg
Image of St. Joachim Osogovski on the murals at the Poganovo Monastery of St. John the Theologian, Tsaribrodsko. 1499
Venerated inSerbian Orthodox Church, Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Canonized12th century, Staro Nagoričane
Major shrineOsogovo Monastery
Feast16 August (Julian)
PatronageBulgaria, Macedonia

When Joachim of Osogovo and Prohor of Pčenja were elevated to sainthood at Staro Nagoričane in the church of St. George (built by King Stefan Milutin), the Bulgarian Orthodox Church was the first of that era to foster the cults of holy monks and hermits.

His feast day is celebrated on the 16th of August (Julian calendar).[5][6]


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