Joško Battestin

Joško Battestin (born 14 March 1918) is a retired Slovene electrical engineer, inventor, physics teacher and author of a number of books on experiments in physics, many aimed at aiding the understanding of the subject by secondary school students.[1]

Joško Battestin
Born (1918-03-14) March 14, 1918 (age 102)
AwardsLevstik Award
1965 for Mikroskop Pionir
Scientific career

Amongst his publications is a book on graphology, expanding on the theories of Ludwig Klages that Battestin published in 2008 at the age of 91.[2] In 1965 he won the Levstik Award for his book Mikroskop Pionir (The Pioneer Microscope).[3] He turned 100 in March 2018.[4]

Selected published worksEdit

  • Osnove grafologije (The Basics of Graphology), 2008 (also published in French in 2011, Les bases de la graphologie)
  • Preskusi iz optike (Experiments in Optics), 2004
  • Preskusi iz mehanike (Experiments in Mechanics), 1994
  • Optika – osnove in meritve (Optics – the Basics and Measurements), 1991
  • Fizikalni praktikum I – mehanika, zvok in valovanje (The Physics Lab I – mechanics, sound and waves), 1985
  • Fizikalni praktikum II – elektrika in magnetizem (The Physics Lab II – electricity and magnetism), 1983
  • Mikroskop pionir (The Pioneer Microscope), 1963


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