Jinmyeong Girls' High School

Jinmyeong Girls' High School (Korean진명여자고등학교; Hanja進明女子高等學校) is a private girls high school located in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Jinmyeong Girls' High School Second Symbol Badge, called baekseon (白線, meaning "white line")

The school motto is "truth, cooperation, originality" (眞實, 協助, 創意). The school tree is persimmon, which symbolizes strong vitality, patience and abundance that based on purity and innocence. The school flower is China pink, which symbolized loftiness and chaste dignity and artless humane feelings.[1]

The school was originally established with financial support from Honorable Princess Consort Eom (Princess Sunheon), who was the mother of Prince Imperial Yeong, the Crown Prince Uimin, Yi Un. Yang Chung Middle School, Yang Chung High School, Sookmyung Girls' Middle School and Sookmyung Girls' High School were also founded by Honorable Princess Consort Eom. These were only modern schools founded by the imperial family in Joseon Dynasty. For that reason, these three schools (Yang Chung, Sookmyung and Jinmyeong) were called "imperial schools".

These schools can be distinguished by a special symbol, called "BaekSun". It represents the order of three schools' foundation. Yang Chung has a single white line, while Jinmyeong has two lines and Sookmyung has three lines. The symbol can be still found on each school's uniform design. In Jinmyeong Girls' High School, there's a tradition that senior students make the BaekSun badge for freshmen.

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