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Jinhae-gu (Hangul: 진해구, Hanja: 鎭海區) is a district in Changwon City, South Korea. This region is served by the Korean National Railroad, and is famous for its annual cherry blossom festival every spring.

Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul진해구
 • Hanja鎭海區
 • Revised RomanizationJinhae-gu
 • McCune-ReischauerChinhae-gu
Cityscape of downtown Jinhae, from Jehehwangsan Park
Cityscape of downtown Jinhae, from Jehehwangsan Park
Official logo of Jinhae-gu
Location of Jinhae-gu in Changwon
Location of Jinhae-gu in Changwon
Jinhae-gu is located in South Korea
Location in South Korea
Coordinates: 35°09′N 128°40′E / 35.150°N 128.667°E / 35.150; 128.667Coordinates: 35°09′N 128°40′E / 35.150°N 128.667°E / 35.150; 128.667
Country South Korea
ProvinceSouth Gyeongsang
Administrative divisions15 dong
 • Total120.19 km2 (46.41 sq mi)
 • Total172,000
 • Density1,431.07/km2 (3,706.5/sq mi)
 • Dialect

The city front is on a sheltered, island-studded bay, and is almost completely surrounded by mountains covered with pine trees.

The emblem of Jinhae contains a cherry blossom.


Jinhae was developed as a naval base (Chinkai Naval Station) of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Japanese occupation period in the early 20th century.

On July 1, 2010, Jinhae and its neighboring cities, Changwon and Masan, merged to form the city of Changwon, currently the seat of the Provincial Council of South Gyeongsang Province.

Jinhae Gunhang Festival on April


The city's economy is primarily dependent on the Republic of Korea Navy personnel and their families or employees of the ROKN shipyard and base facilities. Today, Jinhae hosts major naval facilities and commands of the South Korean navy including Commander-in-Chief Republic of Korea Fleet (CINCROKFLT) and the Naval Academy.

Jinhae is part of a large urban corridor that links the adjacent cities of Masan and Changwon. These three cities merged as one in 2010, hence the name "Jinhae-gu" instead of "Jinhae-si".

Moreover, the city is also host to the only US Naval base in Korea, US Naval Fleet Activities, Chinhae.

Cherry Blossom Festival (Gunhangje)Edit

Each spring the city hosts a ten-day festival, variously promoted as the Military Parade Festival or the Cherry Blossom Festival. Each spring over a million Koreans and other visitors crowd into the town to view the cherry blossoms and to see the street performers, carnival stalls and street lighting as well as the military parades which commemorate the victory of Admiral Yi Sun Shin over a Japanese invasion attempt[1]

Jinhae Cherry Blossoms

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