Jibaku-kun (ジバクくん), taglined Twelve Worlds Story, is a 1998 manga series by Ami Shibata. An anime series was created and ran for 26 episodes on TV Tokyo from October 5, 1999 to March 28, 2000.[1] It was broadcast in Southeast Asia countries, such as the Philippines, in Hero TV, and Taiwan, in China Television, and a few countries of Latin America, like Argentina, on Magic Kids, Chile, in Etc...TV and Chilevisión, and Brazil, in Rede Bandeirantes, Rede 21 and TV Diário. In some markets, the series is known as Bucky: The Incredible Kid, Bucky: Searching for World 0 or simply Bucky.

GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy
Written byAmi Shibata
Published byEnterbrain
MagazineFamitsu Bros.
Original runMay 1998December 2000
Anime television series
Directed byIku Suzuki
Produced byMichiko Tabata
Naoki Nakamura
Written byAtsuhiro Tomioka
Music byCher Watanabe
Kan Sawada
StudioTrans Arts
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original run October 5, 1999 March 28, 2000
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The story is set in a place called "Parallel Planet", located above the sky and down the sea. This planet is divided into twelve worlds, in the manner of a clock. In the center of this clock is the "Needle tower", where time does not pass, The World Zero. In each world there is a Great Child, something like the guardian of that world. The Great Child is always accompanied by a spirit, which is an explosive, spherical side-kick that helps defeat the Monster Troublemakers.

Baku (Bucky in some versions), the protagonist of the story, is a normal boy that lives in the first world. He lives with a single and "humble" ambition: to dominate the world (the whole planet). He is very confident and would die for his dream. One day he meets with En, the Great Child of Primas (World One). En is known as the strongest Great Child of all of the worlds and he is looking for a successor. After finding Baku and talking a little with him, En chooses him as his successor. Thus Baku becomes a Great Child and acquires Jibaku, the spirit of the first world.

From that point onwards, Baku travels through the twelve worlds to accomplish his dream of dominating the world, with his friends (or, as he calls them, slaves) that he meets in the world.




  • "Last Tears" by Two-Mix (episodes 1–14)
  • "37°C Binetsu Senki" by M-Two (episodes 15–26)


Great ChildEdit

In the English Version of the manga and other dubbed versions of the anime, their Japanese names are renamed while others retain their original name.

  • Baku () - 1st World (Primas)
  • Pink (ピンク, Pinku) - 2nd World (Secandas)
  • Kai (カイ) - 3rd World (Trius)
  • D'artagnan (ダルタニアン, Darutanian) - 4th World (Tetras)
  • Ali Babah (アリババ, Ari Baba) - 5th World (Pentas)
  • Live (ライブ, Raibu) - 6th World (Hexas)
  • Ranmaru (乱丸) - 7th World (Seteras)
  • Lucy (ルーシー, Rūshī) - 8th World (Octas)
  • Dead (デッド, Deddo) - 9th World (Novas)
  • Hayate (ハヤテ) - 10th World (Dicas)
  • Jeanne (ジャンヌ, Jannu) - 11th World (Undinus)
  • Baku Senior (爆シニア, Baku Shinia) - 12th World (Doidicus)

Great SoldierEdit

  • En () - 1st World
  • Silver (シルバ, Shiruba) - 2nd World
  • Funen (フネン) - 3rd World
  • Hyoh (, Hyō) - 12th World


  • Jibaku (ジバク) - 1st World
  • Bumby (バーンビ, Bānbi) - 2nd World
  • Bakuzan (バクザン) - 3rd World
  • Count Bucklets (バクレツ, Bakuretsu) - 4th World
  • Hibana (ヒバナ) - 5th World
  • Buzz (バズ, Bazu) - 6th World
  • Rekka (烈火) - 7th World
  • Bacucci (バクチ, Bakuchi) - 8th World
  • Jubaku (ジュバク) - 9th World
  • Thunder (サンダー, Sandā) - 10th World
  • Colonel Dann (ダン, Dan) - 11th World
  • Jibaking (ジバク王, Jibaku Ō) - 12th World


  • Zan () - Main villain of anime series
  • Troublemaking Monsters - Normal monsters that become dangerous.


  • Chicky - Monster-guide of Bucky, is similar to a gigantic chick, that grew suddenly. It was found in Rockside City.
  • Pussycat - It is a gigantic cat; It is the monster-guide of Pinky.
  • Manta - A purple gigantic ray. It's the monster-guide of Kai.
  • Dick - A purple whale, Lucy's monster-guide.
  • Dober - A gigantic dog, Jeanne's monster-guide.


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