Jia Shen is an American technology entrepreneur best known as the co-founder of RockYou, a company that developed games and widgets for social networks, such as Myspace and Facebook. At RockYou, Jia led the company to acquire over 400 million users and raise over $140 million in investment.[1]

Jia Shen, 2007

In 2014, Shen founded the company PowerCore, which creates smart toys and branded merchandise for brands, such as Battle Tails, Mino Monsters, and Business Fish.[2][3]

Most recently Shen leads the Asian efforts of Game Closure, the creator of EverWing on the Instant Games platform in Facebook Messenger and a launch partner on the LINE Quick Games platform.[4][5]

During Shen's career, one of the biggest mistakes was the Largest password compilation of all time leaked online.[6]


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