Jiří Matoušek (mathematician)

Jiří (Jirka) Matoušek (10 March 1963 – 9 March 2015) was a Czech mathematician working in computational geometry and algebraic topology. He was a professor at Charles University in Prague and the author of several textbooks and research monographs.

Jiří Matoušek
Jiri Matousek.jpg
Born(1963-03-10)10 March 1963
Died9 March 2015(2015-03-09) (aged 51)
Alma materCharles University in Prague
Scientific career

Matoušek was born in Prague. In 1986, he received his Master's degree at Charles University under Miroslav Katětov.[1] From 1986 until his death he was employed at the Department of Applied Mathematics of Charles University in Prague, holding a professor position since 2000. He was also a visiting and later full professor at ETH Zurich.[2]

In 1996, he won the European Mathematical Society prize[3] and in 2000 he won the Scientist award of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic.[4] In 1998 he was an Invited Speaker of the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin.[5] He became a fellow of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic in 2005.[6]

Matoušek's paper on computational aspects of algebraic topology won the Best Paper award at the 2012 ACM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms.[7]

Aside from his own academic writing, he has translated the popularization book Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction by Timothy Gowers into Czech.[8]

He was a supporter and signatory of the Cost of Knowledge protest.[9] He died in 2015, aged 51.[2][10]


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