Jersey A.C.

Jersey Athletic Club, or Jersey A.C., was a U.S. soccer team which competed in the National Association Football League, winning two championships.


In 1907, Jersey A.C., which had long fielded a successful cricket team[1] entered a soccer team in the National Association Football League (NAFBL). They finished mid-table and withdrew at the end of the season. In 1908, Jersey A.C. returned to the NAFBL. In 1911, they won their second title. The team finished mid-table most seasons. With the entry of the United States into World War I, Jersey A.C. lost so many players to military service that it left the NAFBL in 1918 and ceased operations a year later.[2]


Year League Reg. Season American Cup National Challenge Cup
1907/08 NAFBL 5th ? N/A
1908/09 ? ? Semifinal N/A
1909/10 NAFBL 2nd Third round N/A
1910/11 NAFBL 1st ? N/A
1911/12 NAFBL 5th ? N/A
1912/13 NAFBL 4th Third round N/A
1913/14 NAFBL 6th Semifinal ?
1914/15 NAFBL 2nd Third round First round
1915/16 NAFBL 6th Quarterfinal ?
1916/17 NAFBL 1st Second round Second round
1917/18 NAFBL 8th ? Second round
1918/19 ? ? ? Second round


League Championship

  • Winner (2): 1911, 1917
  • Runner Up (2): 1910, 1915

New Jersey State Challenge Cup

  • Runner Up (1): 1917


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