Jeremy Lucido

Jeremy Constantine Lucido (born December 11, 1977) is an American artist, blogger, photographer, zine publisher and film director who runs a photography studio located in Los Angeles, California.[1]

Jeremy Lucido
Jeremy Lucido Portrait.jpg
Portrait of Jeremy Lucido
Jeremy Joseph Lucido

(1977-12-11) December 11, 1977 (age 45)
Florissant, Missouri, United States
Known forPhotography
SpouseJohn Constantine AKA The Hound

Early lifeEdit

Born in a suburb outside of Saint Louis, Missouri, Lucido was encouraged to follow his interest in Art at an early age. However, it wasn't until enrolling in a Yearbook class at Hazelwood Central High School that he discovered his love for photography. In 1999 he moved to Hollywood, California to attend Otis College of Art and Design and receive a BFA in Photography.[2] Shortly after graduation, Lucido opened Jeremy Joe Photography, a portrait studio on Hollywood Boulevard which specialized in headshot photography.


Jeremy Lucido with his husband John Constantine at an AIDS Lifecycle fundraiser in 2014

Adult IndustryEdit

Lucido is most known for his work behind the scenes of the adult industry.[3] In 2005 he accepted a job as a video editor at Randy Blue, an online adult production company. He quickly grew in the industry and became the lead photographer as well as Director for several films.[4] Now the Production Manager at Randy Blue he continues his work in the industry.

In 2005 he also launched a blog called "Starrfucker" which helped spark his notable adult industry career.[5] Jeremy and/or his photography have since been featured in such publications as Frontiers, Cybersocket Magazine,[6] The Advocate,[7] Pisszine,[8] Starrfucker Magazine,[9] and the beef.[10]

Starrfucker MagazineEdit

In 2010 Jeremy rebranded his blog Starrfucker and created his self-published Starrfucker Magazine, a black-and-white print zine featuring his homoerotic photography as well as other art and photography from contributing artists.[11]

According to Nigel Zeff in Flaunt Magazine #130:[12] "The artist/photographer's zine, self-described as "a book of naked men," features photographic pictorials of men in various stages of undress, conjuring up the golden era of physique publications like The Male Figure, Adonis and Physique Pictorial, but with a contemporary edge. There's hair, beards, tattoos, and brawn – it's balls and all, unadulterated masculinity at its peak." In a podcast interview, Jeremy revealed that he based the size of his Starrfucker Magazine to be the same as Bob Mizer's Physique Pictorial.[13]

In 2013 his first coffee table book entitled, Starrfucker was published by Bruno Gmünder Verlag. The book features photography from every past issue of Starrfucker Magazine with a foreword by Venfield 8.

Art / PhotographyEdit

In 2011 he started Jeremy Lucido Photography[14] in a loft in downtown Los Angeles where he is a fixture in LGBT nightlife.[15][16] As the popularity of his portrait work with the rise of Starrfucker Magazine his bookings increased for both commercial and private work. In 2015 Jeremy created an online store[17] for his fine art portrait work.

Art ExhibitionsEdit

Jeremy Lucido at the Randy Blue production studio in 2009
  • Queer Biennial II 2016 (Industry Gallery)[29]
  • Boston Elements (The Starrfucker Collection) 2015 (Redline)[30]
  • Art Gaysel 2015–2019 (Hotel Gaythering)[31]
  • Photo L.A. 2014 (LA Mart)[32]
  • FIST PUMP: The Collab Event (Hold Up Art) [33]
  • Club HELL[34]
  • Niche.LA & Lounge 441 present "Digital World: LA" [35]
  • Yard Sale: Misc Photographs by Jeremy Lucido (Tango Blues Gallery)
  • Queer Biennial / Miami Basel 2014 [36]

Awards and nominationsEdit

  • Nominated for "Best Director", Grabby Awards (2011) for "Text, Lies and Video" (Randy Blue)
  • Nominated for TLAgay Award[37] Twitter-Maniac: Most Prolific in the Biz (2010)
  • Nominated for Best Photographer, Weho Awards[38] (2010)
  • LA's 11 Most Eligible Bachelors[39] Frontiers Magazine (2009)


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