Jeremiah Slaczka

Jeremiah Slaczka, also known by his nickname Miah,[1] is a video game designer/creative director and co-founder of 5TH Cell, a video game developer in Bellevue, Washington. He is best known for being the concept creator and Director of Scribblenauts as well as the million-seller hit video game Drawn to Life[2] and 5TH Cell's critically acclaimed Lock's Quest, all for the Nintendo DS. Jeremiah is credited as the Director, Lead Designer, Story Writer, Original Concept Creator and Art Director for both Drawn to Life and Lock's Quest.

Jeremiah Slaczka
Gdc2010 jeremiah slaczka.jpg
Jeremiah Slaczka at the Game Developers Conference in 2010
Other namesMiah
OccupationCreative director, Game designer
Employer5TH Cell

Scribblenauts was the first handheld game ever to win a "Best of Show Overall" award (across all platforms) at E3 from IGN, GameSpot and GameSpy.

Drawn to Life has since gone on to spawn a franchise involving two sequels, accompanied by a Wii console version, all three titles published by THQ. His previous works for 5th Cell were in mobile games, using both original and licensed work.

In 2000, Jeremiah, along with Joseph M. Tringali (co-founder and General Manager of 5TH Cell), co-founded Epix Interactive Studios, a video game developer, in Chicago, Illinois, that was developing Fate,[3] the first announced MMORPG for Microsoft's original Xbox. The project was canceled and the studio shut down in late 2001.[4]


Credited as Director and/or Lead Designer


  • Edge Magazine's Hottest 100 Game Developers of 2008 listed Jeremiah as 90[5]
  • Gamasutra's 20 'Breakthrough' Developers of 2008 - 5TH Cell, Key person[6]


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