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Jennifer MacLean was the Executive Director of the IGDA from September 2017[1] to April 2019.[2] From 2009 to 2012, she was Chief Executive Officer at 38 Studios,[3] an independent game developer.

Jennifer MacLean
OccupationFormer Executive Director at IGDA

After beginning her career working with Brian Reynolds and Sid Meier at Microprose Software[4] in 1992, she joined AOL in 1996, where she became Programming Director for the Games Channel.[5] She went on to become Vice President and General Manager of Games at Comcast Corporation,[6] and the Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Game Developers Association.[5] In March, 2008 she joined 38 Studios as Senior Vice President of business development, and moved into the position of CEO in the same company on August, 2009.[3] MacLean left the 38 Studios upon its bankruptcy in 2012; dating her departure to March 2012, when she took a leave of absence.[7] As an executive director at the IGDA, MacLean joined Amazon and became the director of their worldwide business development. She has stated that her main goal is to work with small to medium sized game developers and that her new position will allow her to help with the development of the different stages within Amazon Web Services, Alexa, Twitch Prime, and[8]

She is a frequent speaker at interactive entertainment industry events, and has earned a BA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University and an MBA with a concentration in International Business from the Columbia Business School. MacLean was named one of the "Game Industry's 100 Most Influential Women" by Next Generation[9] and one of the top 20 Women in Games by Gamasutra.[10]


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