Jeffrey Hale - St Brigid's Hospital

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Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's is a publicly funded health establishment located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. It provides a range of primary health care services to the population of Quebec's Capitale-Nationale (Greater Quebec City) region.[1]

Jeffrey Hale - St Brigid's Hospital
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Jeffery Hale Hospital
LocationQuebec City, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates46°47′48″N 71°15′11″W / 46.7967°N 71.2531°W / 46.7967; -71.2531Coordinates: 46°47′48″N 71°15′11″W / 46.7967°N 71.2531°W / 46.7967; -71.2531
FundingPublic hospital
Opened1856 (St. Brigid's Home)
ListsHospitals in Canada


In 1856, Reverend Father Bernard McGauran founded Saint Brigid's Home as a shelter for Irish immigrants, widows and orphans. In 1864, philanthropist Jeffery Hale left a sum of money in his will to found a hospital to care for Protestants of all denominations.[1]


In 2007, these two health establishments merged. Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's is legally mandated as a residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD - Centre d'hébergement de soins de longue durée) with complementary missions for hospital centre services and community (CLSC-type) services in English. Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's also has the mandate to serve the region's English-speaking population.


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