Joan III, Countess of Burgundy

Joan III of Burgundy (1/2 May 1308 – 10/15 August 1347), also known as Joan of France was a reigning Countess of Burgundy and Artois in 1330–1347. She was also Duchess of Burgundy by marriage to Odo IV, Duke of Burgundy.

Joan III
Joan III of Burgundy.jpg
Countess of Burgundy and Artois
PredecessorJoan II
SuccessorPhilip I
Born1/2 May 1308
Died10/15 August 1347 (aged 39)
SpouseOdo IV, Duke of Burgundy
IssuePhilip I, Count of Auvergne
FatherPhilip V, King of France
MotherJoan II, Countess of Burgundy
Coat of arms of the Free County of Burgundy.


Joan was the eldest daughter of King Philip V of France and Countess Joan II of Burgundy.[1] She was married in 1318 to Odo IV, Duke of Burgundy, as part of a settlement between the two men regarding the French succession (Odo had previously supported the right of his niece - and Joan's cousin - Queen Joan II of Navarre, to inherit the French throne as well); Joan thus became Duchess consort of Burgundy by marriage.

In 1330, Joan became reigning Countess of Burgundy and Artois in her own right, following the death of her mother.

Her son Philip predeceased her; her titles therefore passed to her grandson, Philip I of Burgundy upon her death in 1347.[2]


Joan and Odo had:


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