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Jeanne C. Stein is an American urban fantasy author. She now lives in Colorado, but was raised and educated in San Diego, which is the setting for her contemporary vampire fantasy.

Jeanne Stein
Pen nameJeanne C. Stein
Period2006 to present
GenreRomance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Historical, Speculative fiction, Contemporary, Urban fantasy

Stein's novels about vampire bounty hunter Anna Strong are published by Ace Books, and as S. J. Harper, the Fallen Siren Series is published by ROC.



Jeanne C. Stein is the national bestselling author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles and most recently, The Fallen Siren Series written as S. J. Harper. She is active in the writing community, belonging to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Sisters in Crime and Horror Writers of America. There are nine books in the Anna Strong series and two books and two novellas in a new series written with Samantha Sommersby under the S. J. Harper pseudonym. She also has more that a dozen short story credits, including the novella, Blood Debt, from the New York Times bestselling anthology, Hexed (2011) and The NYT bestselling anthology, Dead But Not Forgotten edited by Charlaine Harris (2014.) Her short stories have been published in collections here in the US and the UK. Her latest, an Anna Strong novella entitled Anna & the Vampire Prince, was recently published by Hex Publishers.

Her books are published in Germany by Droemer/Knaur and Norway (2009).

Anna Strong SeriesEdit

US titlesEdit

  • The Becoming (2006)
  • Blood Drive (2007)
  • The Watcher (2007)
  • Legacy (2008)
  • Retribution (August 25, 2009)
  • Chosen (August 31, 2010)
  • Crossroads (August 30, 2011)
  • Haunted (September, 2012)
  • Blood Bond (August, 2013)

=The Fallen Siren SeriesEdit

  • Cursed (2013)
  • Captured (2014)
  • Reckoning (2014
  • Forsaken (2015)


  • Cloud City, an Anna Strong Novella (2013)
  • Wonderland Novella (2014)
  • Anna and the Vampire Prince (2017)

German titlesEdit

  • Verführung der Nacht (2008)[1]
  • Lockruf des Blutes (2008)
  • Dunkle Küsse (2009)
  • Der Kuss der Vampirin (8/2010)
  • Blutrotes Verlangen (2/2011)


  • Many Bloody Returns Edited by Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, Kelley Armstrong (2007) - contributor ISBN 0-441-01675-8
  • Better Lucky Than Good published in At the Scene of the Crime, edited by Dana Stabenow (2008) ISBN 0-7867-2055-7
  • Broken Links, Mended Lives published by RMFW PRess, edited by Jeanne C. Stein and Susan Smith (2009)
  • Elizabeth and Anna's Big Adventure published in A Girl's Guide to Guns and Monsters, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes (2010) ISBN 0-7564-0614-5
  • Whedonistas: Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Him, edited by Lynne Thomas and Deborah Stanish (2011)
  • The Ghost of Leadville published in Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, Vol. II, edited by Trisha Telep (2009) ISBN 1-84901-043-9 and in Vampires: The Recent Undead (15 March 2011)
  • Blood Debt published in Hexed, edited by Jessica Wade (2011)
  • Superman published in Chicks Kick Butt published by Rachel Caine and Kerrie Hughes (2011)
  • One Good Deed published in Hex in the City, edited by Kerrie Hughes (2013)
  • Love Story published in Dead But Not Forgotten, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner (2014)
  • The Wolf's Paw published in GalaxyFest 2012 Omnibus, edited by David C. Z. Wacks and Nightmares Unhinged, edited by Josh Viola (2015)
  • Georgetown Haunts and Mysteries published by Hex Publishers, edited by Jeanne C. Stein and Josh Viola (2017)
  • Lunchtime published in Blood Business, edited by Josh Viola and Mario Acevedo (2017)
  • Desert Run published in Blood and Gasoline, edited by Mario Acevedo (2017)

Reading OrderEdit

  • 1-The Becoming (28 November 2006)
  • 2-Blood Drive (26 June 2007)
  • 3-The Watcher (27 November 2007)
  • 4-Legacy (26 August 2008)
  • 5-Retribution (25 August 2009)
  • 5.1-The Witch and the Wicked in Many Bloody Returns (4 September 2007)
  • 5.2-Elizabeth & Anna's Big Adventure in A Girl's Guide to Guns and Monsters Anthology (2 February 2010)
  • 6-Chosen (31 August 2010)
  • 6.1-Superman in Chicks Kick Butt Anthology (7 June 2011) - can be skipped (modified version integrated in the Crossroads book)
  • 6.2-Blood Debt in Hexed Anthology (7 June 2011) - fills a gap between the books
  • 7-Crossroads (30 August 2011)
  • 8-Haunted (28 August 2012)
  • 8.1-Cloud City (19 March 2013)
  • 9-Blood Bond (27 August 2013)


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