Jean Sauvage

Jean Sauvage (1455 – 7 June 1518) was the chancellor of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. He was also known as Jean Le Sauvage.

Sauvage was born in Lille. He studied law at the University of Louvain. In 1490 he was made a member of the council of Flanders and its president in 1497. He was made chancellor of Brabant in 1509. His rise to office occurred with the support of William de Croÿ. In 1515 Sauvage was made Grand Chancellor of Burgundy. In 1517 he was made Chancellor of all of Charles' realms.

Government offices
Preceded by
Thomas de Plaine, Lord of Maigny
5th Chancellor of Burgundy
Succeeded by
Mercure Alborio, Count of Gattinara


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