Jean II de Brosse

Jean II de Brosse, also Jehan II de Brosse (1432 – 6 August 1482), was the elder son of Marshal of France Jean I de Brosse.[1] He would become chamberlain of the king of France in 1449. He married Nicole, Countess of Penthièvre, daughter of Charles, Seigneur d'Avaugour and Isabeau de Vivonne.[2] Nicole later brought him, through inheritance in 1479, the County of Penthièvre in the Duchy of Brittany.[2]

DeBrosse's coat of arms.
The Fouras donjon was rebuilt by Jean II de Brosse in 1480–1490.

Jean is known to have rebuilt the donjon in Fouras in 1480–1490.[3]

Marriage and childrenEdit

Jean and Nicole had following children :


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