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Jean-Laurent Mosnier (French: [moɲe]; (Paris) 1743 – (Saint Petersburg) 10 April 1808) was a French painter and miniaturist.

Jean-Laurent Mosnier
Jean-Laurent Mosnier - Self Portrait.jpg
Self portrait
Born 1743
Paris, France
Died 10 April 1808
St. Petersburg, Russian Empire
Nationality French
Known for painting

Court painter under the Ancien Régime, Mosnier began, from 1789, a brilliant career as society painter in London, Hamburg and St. Petersburg. Many times academician, he left considerable work and high quality, both in miniature painting.

Self-Portrait with Two Pupils is thought to have been the basis for Jean-Laurent Mosnier's painting of himself with his young daughters. It is thought that his ambition was to clone the success of Adélaïde Labille-Guiard's painting.[1]



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