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Jay Tee

James Trujillo, better known by his stage name Jay Tee, is a rapper, songwriter and producer from Vallejo, CA. He has been a part of the city's scene since the early 1990s as the lead member of N2Deep and Latino Velvet along with Baby Beesh. Even though N2Deep's 2000 album Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish was a solo album, it was not until 2001 that Jay Tee released a solo album under his own name.

Jay Tee
Birth nameJames Trujillo
Also known asJaime Trago
OriginVallejo, California, United States
GenresWest Coast hip hop, Gangsta rap, Hip hop, Chicano rap
Occupation(s)Rapper, songwriter, producer, Record Company Owner
Years active1989–present
Labels40 Ounce Records, Swerve, Bust It, Profile Records
Associated actsN2Deep, Baby Beesh, Frost, Don Cisco, Mac Dre, PSD, Da'unda'dogg, B-12
Website40 Ounce Records

Latino Velvet was originally composed of Jay Tee and Baby Beesh in 1997 on the album Latino Velvet Project. Although the album featured several tracks with Frost and Don Cisco, it was not until 2000 that they were featured on the cover with equal billing to Jay Tee and Baby Beesh. Velvet City featured several west coast artists including: E-40, Levitti, Rappin' 4-Tay, Bosko, Cool Nutz and the Mary Jane Girls.

Jay Tee is the founder and owner of 40 Ounce Records.[1] Jay Tee has remained an underground presence in The Bay Area since his debut almost two decades ago.



Solo albumsEdit

Compilation albumsEdit

  • Playas Association - Tha Bomb Bay (1996)[3]
  • Playas Association Vol. 2 - Full Time Hustlin (1998)
  • The Knocks 1992–2000 (2001)
  • 40 Ounce Records Hardest Hits: 10 Years in the Game '92-'02 (2001)
  • Playas Association Vol. 3 - The Product (2001)
  • Playas Association Vol. IV - Northwest Hustlin (2002)
  • Bayriderz, Vol. 3: Kalifornia: State of Emergency with B-12 (2002)
  • On One: The 40 Ounce Album & Mixtape (2004)
  • Everybody Ain't Able with Mac Dre (2007)
  • Appearances Volume 1 (2008)
  • Appearances Volume 2 (2009)
  • Bay to Santa Fe (2011)


  • He Got Game (hosted by Insane Mixaken) (2005)

with N2DeepEdit

with Latino VelvetEdit

Collaboration albumsEdit

  • Negotiations with Free Agents (2002)
  • Velvetism with Baby Beesh (2002)
  • Out Here Hustlin' with Young Dru (2007)
  • M.S.U. with Baby Beesh (2012)

Guest appearancesEdit

Year Album Song
1996 The Rompalation "Where We Dwell" (Mac Dre featuring Jay Tee & Baby Beesh)
1997 Spread Yo Hustle Compilation "You Should Never Be Broke" (Jay Tee & Baby Beesh)
1999 If You Could See Inside Me "Presidential" (A Lighter Shade of Brown featuring Jay Tee & Frost)
That Was Then, This Is Now, Vol. 1 "Act Like Ya Want It" (Frost featuring Rappin' 4-Tay, Jay Tee & Don Cisco)
"Feria (Frost featuring Jay Tee & Baby Beesh)"
The Rompalation Volume 2 "Howda" (Jay Tee)
What It Is "Off Yo' Ass" (PSD featuring Jay Tee)
3 Beam Circus 2 - Connect Game "We Keep Our Game Tight" (Jay Tee & Young Dru)
2000 Desolate Situations Vol. 1: Desolate "Mo' Money, Mo' Kic'n" (Da'unda'dogg featuring Jay Tee)
The Album "Done Deal" (D.B.A. featuring B-Legit, Jay Tee & Baby Beesh)
Oh Boy "Breezy" (Don Cisco featuring Baby Beesh & Jay Tee)
That Was Then, This Is Now, Vol. 2 "Thug Shit" (Frost featuring Mr. Lil' One, Jay Tee & Bad Boy)
2001 Savage Dreams "Crossing Game" (Baby Beesh featuring Frost, Jay Tee, Sneak & BR)
Neva Look Back "Another Weekend" (Riderlife featuring Jay Tee)
Bay 2 Sac "We Run This" (Taydatay featuring Jay Tee & Young Dru)
2002 On tha Cool "Dime Piece" (Baby Beesh featuring Jay Tee & Russell Lee)
2003 Tha Smokin' Nephew "Tha Chop" (Baby Bash featuring A-Wax & Jay Tee)
Somethin' 4 the Riderz "Same Shit" (Frost featuring Baby Bash & Jay Tee)
"We Ride Hot" (Frost featuring Messy Marv & Jay Tee)
"Last Nite" (Frost featuring Jay Tee)
"Party Goin' Down Tonight" (Frost featuring Jay Tee)
2004 Menage a Trois "Who Wanna Creep" (Baby Bash featuring Latino Velvet)
2005 Super Saucy "Hennessey" (Baby Bash featuring Jay Tee, Mac Dre & Miami The Most)
It'z Real Out Here "Seniorita" (Celly Cel featuring Jay Tee)
Hustler's Paradise "It Ain't Easy" (Don Cisco featuring Banx & Jay Tee)
Welcome to Frost Angeles "The Kaper" (Frost featuring Cameosis & Jay Tee)
Once Upon a Time in Los Scandalous "All Night" (Nino Brown featuring Don Cisco & Jay Tee)
2006 Final Fight: Streetwise Soundtrack "Holdin' On" (Jay Tee)
Da Playboy Foundation "Last Night" (Big Ice & Oral Bee featuring Frost, Bullet, Jay Tee & Arjay)
"We Ride Hot Cuzzin" (Big Ice & Oral Bee featuring Jay Tee, Frost & Messy Marv)
"Shake The Spot" (Big Ice & Oral Bee featuring Jay Tee & Young Dru)
2007 The Next Level "U Gotta Love It" (Big Fedi featuring Jay Tee, Chino 4 Real & Merciless)
2008 Goodie Girls "Legs Open" (AP.9 featuring Jay Tee)

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