Javier Heraud

Javier Heraud Pérez (1942–1963) was a Peruvian poet and member of the Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN). In his early life he studied at Markham College and later he continued his studies at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Javier Heraud Pérez

In January 1963, a group led by the 21-year-old poet Javier Heraud and Alain Elías crossed through Bolivia, where they picked up weapons, and entered southern Peru. Plagued by Leishmaniasis infection however, the 15 member team decided to enter the city of Puerto Maldonado to seek out medical supplies. The local police were warned of the group's advance, and on May 15 Heraud was shot in the chest and killed while he drifted past the town in a dugout canoe.[1][2]


  • El río (1960)
  • El viaje (1961)
  • Estación reunida (1961)

Work published in anthologiesEdit

  • Ricardo Silva Santisteban (anthologist): Antología general de la traducción en el Perú (General anthology of translation in Peru). Lima, Universidad Ricardo Palma - Editorial Universitaria, 2016.


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