Jassy Conference

The Jassy Conference was a gathering of anti-Bolshevik political figures that met in Iași (Jassy), the temporary capital of Romania at the time from November 16 through December 6, 1918.[1] The conference was organized by Emile Henno from the French consulate in Kiev. The objective was to coordinate the anti-Bolshevik movements of Southern Russia in order to facilitate dealings with the Allied powers. The twenty-one delegates could not reconcile their differences, despite the need to be unified before the Allies in requesting aid. The conference did nothing to forward any agreements.[2] The Jassy Conference, however, did agree on two points: the desirability of Allied intervention in the civil war and the indivisibility of Russia. In a vote, no candidate for future ruler of Russia could even garner half the votes – General Denikin had the most with nine.[3]


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