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Jaroslav Průšek

Jaroslav Průšek (1906–1980) was a Czech sinologist. He was considered as the founder of the Prague School of Sinology, and one of the greatest world Sinologists of his time.[1]

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese普實克
Simplified Chinese普实克

At first, he studied the history of ancient Greece, Byzantium and Roman Empire at Charles University. After graduating from Charles University, he went to Germany and Sweden and became the student of Bernard Karlgren. He was sent to China and Japan in the 1930s, where he became friends with many Chinese intellectuals, including Lu Xun.[2] He went back to Czechoslovakia in 1937.[3][4] In 1952, he was appointed head of Institute of East Asian Studies of Charles University.[5]


  • Dictionary of Oriental Literature
  • The lyrical and the epic: studies of modern Chinese literature
  • Chinese history and literature: collection of studies
  • Chinese states and the northern barbarians in the period 1400-300 B.C
  • The origins and the authors of the hua-pen
  • Die Literatur des befreiten China und ihre Volkstraditionen
  • Études d'histoire et de littérature chinoises offertes au professeur Jaroslav Průšek
  • My sister China, His memoir about his experiences in China.
  • Three sketches of Chinese literature [6]


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