Jaroslav Bořita of Martinice

Jaroslav Hrabě Bořita z Martinic (Czech pronunciation: [ˈjaroslav ˈbor̝ɪta]; German: Jaroslav Graf Borzita von Martinic/Martinitz) (6 January 1582 – 21 November 1649) was a Czech nobleman and a representative of Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor who, along with Vilém Slavata of Chlum, was a victim in the 1618 Defenestration of Prague (also known as the Second Defenestration of Prague). In 1621 he was created Bohemian Count and in 1622 he became Royal Statholder of Bohemia and Supreme Burgrave of Bohemia in 1638.

Jaroslav Count Borzita of Martinice

Personal lifeEdit

Jaroslav was a member of the Martinic noble family. He was married 4 times. First time he married Maria Eusebie von Sternberg (1584–1634), second time he married Countess Elize Maria Magdalena zu Vrtby (died in 1643), third time to Katerina Ludmila Franziska Talatzkova z Gestieticz (died in 1649) and fourth time to Alena Barbara Kostomlatski z Vresovic. He had 10 children, all by his first marriage. His eldest daughter was Countess Barbara Eusebia, second wife of Margrave Christian Wilhelm of Brandenburg.

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