Democratic Party (Japan, 1954)

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The Japan Democratic Party (日本民主党, Nihon Minshutō) was a conservative[1] political party in Japan. Existing from 1954 to 1955, the party was founded by Ichirō Hatoyama, former foreign minister Mamoru Shigemitsu and future Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi.[1] The party was formed on 24 November 1954, by merging Ichiro Hatoyama's group which left the Liberal Party in 1953, and the Shigemitsu-led Kaishintō party. On 15 November 1955, the Japan Democratic Party merged with the Liberal Party to form the modern Liberal Democratic Party.

Japan Democratic Party

LeaderIchirō Hatoyama
FoundedNovember 24, 1954 (1954-11-24)
DissolvedNovember 15, 1955 (1955-11-15)
Split fromLiberal Party
Merged intoLiberal Democratic Party
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
Ethnic nationalism[2]
Political positionRight-wing[3]

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