Jannik Hastrup

Jannik Hastrup (born 4 May 1941 in Næstved, Denmark) is a Danish writer, director, producer, illustrator and animator. He is considered "Denmark's grand master of animation", as he is particularly well known for directing, animating and writing several animated films, occasionally with Flemming Quist Møller, including Benny's Bathtub, Dreaming of Paradise [da], Samson & Sally, War of the Birds, The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear [da; fr] and A Tale of Two Mozzies [da; fr]. He also directed, wrote and animated a number of shorts following Cirkeline the elf.


Jannik Hastrup was involved in films with socialist and social realism themes.[1][2] One of them is the Cirkeline short film Flugten fra Amerika (Escape from America), which portrays a racist and poverty-filled New York City, followed by the Statue of Liberty with Richard Nixon's face and a rifle held above, and sympathetic portrayals of the Black Panther Party and a Native American tribe. The film was political enough that the public Danish Broadcasting Corporation refused to air it.[3] Other works with political messages include Historiebogen [da] and Trællene.[4][5]

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