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Janine Sherman Barrois is an American television writer, producer, and showrunner. In 2017 she began executive producing and showrunning Claws on TNT.



Janine Sherman Barrois began her television career working as a writer on The Jamie Foxx Show. She wrote three episodes across the second and third seasons. She went on to become a co-producer of The PJs and then was hired as an executive story editor for Third Watch by John Wells. She began working on Third Watch in the second series and co-wrote two episodes of that season ("Kim's Hope Chest" and "Honor") with fellow executive story editor Kyera B. Keenne. She was promoted to co-producer for the third season and wrote two further episodes "Sex, Lies & Videotape" and "Falling" in 2001. She was promoted again to producer for the fourth season and wrote four more episodes "To Protect...", "Crime and Punishment: Part I", "10-13", and "In Confidence". She returned as a producer for the fifth season and wrote the episodes "Lockdown", and "Payback". She was promoted to supervising producer mid-season then promoted to a Co-Executive Producer for the sixth and final season. She wrote four sixth season episodes "Sleeping Dogs Lie", "Alone Again, Naturally", "Broken", and "Too Little, Too Late". She wrote fourteen episodes for the series before its conclusion.

When Third Watch ended she became a co-executive producer for another Wells series, ER. She joined the crew of ER in the twelve season. Her first episode for "ER" was entitled "Wake up." She followed that with two more episodes that season, "All About Christmas Eve" and "Darfur". In season thirteen, she wrote four episodes "Graduation Day", "Heart of the Matter", "Breach of Trust" and "Dying is Easy". She became an executive producer for the fourteenth season and wrote three more pivotal episodes "Officer Down", "Status Quo" and "Under Pressure". In the final season of "ER" Sherman Barrois wrote two additional episodes "Parental Guidance" and "Age of Innocence".

She was nominated for a Humanitas Prize in the 60 minutes category and an Image Award for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series for her work on the twelfth season ER episode "Darfur" in 2007. She was nominated for a second Image Award for writing in 2008 for her work on the thirteenth season ER episode "Breach of Trust". She was again nominated for her season 15 work for the episode entitled "Parental Guidance".

Sherman Barrois was an Executive Producer on CBS hit series Criminal Minds, which she joined at the beginning of season six and left at the end of season ten. She wrote sixteen episodes during her time on the show. She has also been nominated for three NAACP Image Awards for her writing on the acclaimed series.



Year Show Episode Notes
1997 The Jamie Foxx Show "One Flew Over the County's Nest" Season 2, episode 4
1998 "Papa Don't Preach" Season 2, episode 14
"Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?" Season 3, episode 6
2000 Third Watch "Kim's Hope Chest" Season 2, episode 5
2001 "Honor" Season 2, episode 18
2002 "Falling" Season 3, episode 17
"To Protect..." Season 4, episode 3
"Crime and Punishment: Part 1" Season 4, episode 9
2003 "10-13" Season 4, episode 16
"In Confidence" Season 4, episode 20
"Lockdown" Season 5, episode 3
"Payback" Season 5, episode 7
2004 "Sleeping Dogs Lie" Season 5, episode 13
"Higher Calling" Season 5, episode 21
"Alone Again, Naturally" Season 6, episode 2
"The Hunter, Hunted" Season 6, episode 5
"Broken" Season 6, episode 8
2005 "Too Little, Too Late" Season 6, episode 18
ER "Wake Up" Season 12, episode 5
"All About Christmas Eve" Season 12, episode 10
2006 "Darfur" Season 12, episode 15
"Graduation Day" Season 13, episode 2
"Heart of the Matter" Season 13, episode 6
2007 "Breach of Trust" Season 13, episode 12
"Dying Is Easy..." Season 13, episode 15
"Lights Out" Season 13, episode 20
"Officer Down" Season 14, episode 3
2008 "Status Quo" Season 14, episode 11
"Under Pressure" Season 14, episode 17
2010 Criminal Minds "Remembrance of Things Past" Season 6, episode 3
2011 "The Thirteenth Step" Season 6, episode 13
"With Friends Like These" Season 6, episode 19
"Proof" Season 7, episode 2
"The Bittersweet Science" Season 7, episode 10
2012 "I Love You, Tommy Brown" Season 7, episode 17
"The Pact" Season 8, episode 2
"The Lesson" Season 8, episode 10
2013 "Restoration" Season 8, episode 18
"The Inspiration" Season 9, episode 1
"Strange Fruit" Season 9, episode 9
2014 "The Edge of Winter" Season 9, episode 19
"Angels" Season 9, episode 23
"Burn" Season 10, episode 2
"Fate" Season 10, episode 9
2015 "The Hunt" Season 10, episode 23
2017 Claws "Fallout" Season 1, episode 4
"Bats**t Season 1, episode 5
2018 "Cracker Casserole" Season 2, episode 2
"Til Death" Season 2, episode 9


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