Jan Boleslav Sedivka AM (in Czech: Šedivka) (Slaný, 8 September 1917 – Hobart, 23 August 2009),[1][2] Czech-born, was one of Australia's foremost violinists and teachers.[3]

Jan Sedivka, Mount Nelson, 1988


Educated in Czechoslovakia (Otakar Ševčík[4] and Jaroslav Kocián), France (École Normale de Musique, Classe Jacques Thibaud) and England (Max Rostal), Jan Sedivka made his reputation overseas as a soloist, chamber music player and teacher before coming to Australia in 1961.[5][6]

As a performer, Jan Sedivka gained special merit for his efforts on behalf of Australian contemporary music. In this capacity he introduced a number of important works dedicated to him, in particular concertos by Larry Sitsky (Nos. 1, 2, 3 & 4), James Penberthy, Ian Cugley, Don Kay, Colin Brumby, Edward Cowie and Eric Gross.

His wife Beryl Sedivka is a noted pianist who often performed with him.


  • An Assessment of: “Bach’s Chaconne for Unaccompanied Violin - a Study in Interpretation” by Graham Wood, ds., Hobart, 1974

Honours and awardsEdit

  • Member of the Order of Australia 1987[7]
  • Honorary Fellow, Trinity College of Music, London
  • Honorary Doctor of Letters, University of Tasmania[6]
  • Honorary Professor, Shanghai Conservatory of Music
  • Memorial Gold Medal, Prague Academy of Musical Arts
  • Honorary Fellowship in Music Australia
  • Honorary Citizen, Royal City of Slany (Czech Republic)
  • Honorary Professor University of Tasmania 1995[6]
  • Distinguished Service Award Australian Strings Association 1998.

Bernard Heinze Memorial AwardEdit

The Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award is given to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to music in Australia.

Year Nominee / work Award Result Ref.
1995 Jan Sedivka Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award awarded

Don Banks Music AwardEdit

The Don Banks Music Award was established in 1984 to publicly honour a senior artist of high distinction who has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to music in Australia.[8] It was founded by the Australia Council in honour of Don Banks, Australian composer, performer and the first chair of its music board.

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2004 Jan Sedivka Don Banks Music Award awarded



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