Jamie Smart

Jamie Smart (born 21 July 1978) is a British comic artist and writer, most famous for his ten-issue comic series, Bear.[1] He has also had his comic My Own Genie published in the popular children's magazine The Dandy.[2]

His current project is a four-issue mini-series called Ubu Bubu, a spin-off of his oneshot comic, Bohda Te.

He was instrumental in the design of the October 2010 revamp of The Dandy, even designing the new logos. For the revamp, Smart drew Desperate Dan, Pre-Skool Prime Minister, Arena of Awesome, My Dad's a Doofus (as well as many others) with reprints of My Own Genie and Space Raoul later being used.[3][4] His blue blobs have been part of The Dandy cover since October 2010 and appeared in The Digital Dandy during its run.

For the final print edition of The Dandy on its 75th anniversary, Jamie Smart drew the special cover as well as drawing My Own Genie, My Dad's a Doofus, Pre-Skool Prime Minister and My Teacher's a Walrus in the Top 75 Countdown. A reprint from The Arena of Awesome was also used.

Jamie Smart is currently drawing Bunny VS. Monkey, Battlesuit Bea and Looshkin for The Phoenix. Jamie recently drew The Numskulls and Kingo Bango for the relaunched Digital Dandy until its demise. Smart also appeared regularly in The Beano drawing puzzle pages and has since gone on to take over drawing Roger the Dodger from Barrie Appleby, which as of April 2014, he no longer draws. He also draws a new strip called El Poco Loco.

List of published comicsEdit

  • Space Raoul ~ Funday Times/The Dandy
  • Bear ~ Slave Labour Graphics
  • Bohda Te ~ Slave Labour Graphics
  • Ubu Bubu ~ Slave Labour Graphics
  • Desperate Dan ~ The Dandy
  • The DFC Olympics ~ The DFC
  • Fish-Head Steve ~ The DFC
  • Count Von Poo ~ Toxic magazine
  • Pre-Skool Prime Minister ~ The Dandy
  • The Arena of Awesome ~ The Dandy
  • Thingummyblob ~ The Dandy
  • Bunny VS. Monkey ~ The Phoenix
  • Mega-Lo-Maniacs ~ The Dandy
  • My Dad's A Doofus ~ The Dandy
  • My Teacher's a Walrus ~ The Dandy
  • The Numskulls ~ The Digital Dandy
  • Kingo Bango ~ The Digital Dandy
  • Roger the Dodger ~ The Beano
  • El Poco Loco ~ The Beano
  • Corporate Skull ~ Webcomic
  • Looshkin - The Phoenix
  • Battlesuit Bea - The Phoenix


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