Jamia Shariyyah Malibagh, Dhaka

Jamia Shariyah Malibagh (Bengali: জামিয়া শারইয়্যাহ মালিবাগ Arabic: الجامعة الشرعية ماليباغ), also known as Jamia Shariyah Madrasa,[1] is one of the established Qawmi jamiahs in Dhaka, Bangladesh.[2][3][4][5]

Al-Jamia Al-Shari'yah Malibagh
Malibagh Jamia, Malibagh Madrasa
TypeQawmi Madrasa, Arabic Islamic University
Established1956 (1956)
1037, malibagh chowdhury para Malibagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

History edit

A musalli Golam Gouse donated his land to set up this mosque in 1956. Later they established a small Maktab and the name of the Maktab was "Furkqania Maktab". Day by day this Maktab improved as "Tahfizul Qur'an" and later as 'Kitab' faculty and in 1982 this institution started Daura Hadith (the highest certificate course of Madrasa education system), by the help of local people and endless labor of scholars and teachers. From the very beginning, the students of this Madrasa is doing repellent result including place in the board exam. To the light of board exam, this Jamiah is one of the best Madrasahs in Bangladesh.[4][6]

Departments and divisions edit

  • Department of Ifta (Islamic Law)
  • Masters/Daura Hadith
  • Degree
  • Higher secondary
  • Secondary level
  • Primary Level
  • Tahfizul Quran
  • Maktab
    • Outdoor Maktab
    • Residential Maktab

Notable people edit

References edit

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