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James White (theologian)

Not to be confused with author and theologian James E. White, the former President of Gordon-Conwell Seminary

James Robert White (born December 17, 1962) is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, an evangelical Reformed Christian apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the author of more than twenty books.

James Robert White
Born James Robert White
(1962-12-17) December 17, 1962 (age 55)
Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA
Nationality American
Education B.A. Grand Canyon College
M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary
Occupation Christian apologist, author
Known for Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries
Spouse(s) Kelli
Children 2



White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a presuppositional apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. He received a BA from Grand Canyon College, and an MA from Fuller Theological Seminary. He was also a critical consultant for the Lockman Foundation's New American Standard Bible.[1]

White often engages in public debate, having participated in more than 150 public moderated debates,[2] covering topics such as Calvinism, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism, the King James Only movement, Jehovah's Witnesses, and atheism. His debate opponents have included scholars such as Bart Ehrman, John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, Robert M. Price, Joe Ventilacion[3] and popularizers such as Dan Barker and John Shelby Spong[4] as well as Islamic scholar Shabir Ally and South African Muslim apologist Yusuf Ismail.

White has also been an elder of Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ, since 1998.[5]

He is married and he and his wife have two children. He also has two grandchildren.[2]


White graduated with a BA from Grand Canyon University (formerly known as Grand Canyon College) and an MA from Fuller Theological Seminary. He earned ThM, ThD and DMin degrees from Columbia Evangelical Seminary (formerly Faraston Theological Seminary) an unaccredited correspondence school.[6][7][8] In March 2017,[9] White announced that he is working on an accredited PhD at North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa.[10][11]

Published works

Selected formal debates

  • "Who is GOD? Is GOD TRINITY" vs. Joe Ventilacion, 2017
  • "Parallel accounts in the New Testament & the Qur'an" vs. Yusuf Ismail, October 2015, Denis Hurley Centre, Durban
  • "Is the Qur'an a book of peace or violence / Is the Bible a book of peace or violence" vs Yusuf Ismail, October 2015, Denis Hurley Centre, Durban
  • "Reading each other's scriptures: A Christian-Muslim debate; Christology in John's Gospel, Christology in the Qur'an" vs Yusuf Ismail, October 2014, Grey Street Mosque, Durban, South Africa
  • "Is the New Testament a reliable record of the teachings of Jesus..Is the Qur'an a reliable record of the teachings of Muhammed" vs Yusuf Ismail, October 2013, North West University, Potchefstroom
  • "Is the Bible True?" vs. Robert M. Price, May 2010, aboard ship on the Carnival Legend
  • "Did the Bible Misquote Jesus?" vs. Bart Ehrman, January 2009, aboard ship on the Celebrity Century
  • "Is Homosexuality Compatible with Authentic, Biblical, Orthodox Christianity?" vs. John Shelby Spong, November 2006, Orlando, FL
  • "Is the New Testament We Possess Today Inspired?" vs. Shabir Ally, May 2006, La Mirada, CA
  • "Open Theism", vs. Bob Enyart, July 2014, Denver, CO
  • "The Resurrection of Jesus Christ", vs. Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan (with James Renihan), August 2005, aboard ship on the Sun Princess
  • "Is the Orthodox, Biblical Account of Jesus of Nazareth Authentic & Historically Accurate?", vs. John Dominic Crossan, August 2005, Seattle, WA
  • "Are Roman Catholics Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ?", vs. Douglas Wilson, November 2004, Los Angeles
  • "Is Homosexuality Consistent with Biblical Christianity", vs. Barry Lynn, May 2001, Long Island, NY
  • "The Papacy", vs. Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, May 1998, Long Island, NY
  • "Sola Scriptura", vs. Gerry Matatics, August 1990, Long Beach, CA


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