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James A. Isenberg

James A. Isenberg is an American theoretical physicist. He is one of the pioneers in the study of the constraint equations in classical general relativity. His many important contributions include the completion of the solution theory of the constraint equations on closed manifolds with constant mean curvature, and with his collaborators, the first nontrivial results on the non-constant mean curvature case. He was a graduate student under Charles Misner at the University of Maryland in the seventies. He is a professor of mathematics and physics at the University of Oregon.

Isenberg lives in Brownsville, Oregon.

Selected worksEdit


  • Isenberg, J. (1995). "Constant mean curvature solution of the Einstein constraint equations on closed manifold". Class. Quantum Grav. 12 (9): 2249–2274. Bibcode:1995CQGra..12.2249I. doi:10.1088/0264-9381/12/9/013.