Jakob Westholm

Jakob Westholm (11 May 1877 in Palmse Parish (now Haljala Parish), Kreis Wierland – 9 March 1935 in Tallinn) was an Estonian educator and politician. He was a member of the I, II, III and IV Riigikogu, representing the Estonian People's Party.[1]

Jakob Westholm's grave at Rahumäe Cemetery in Tallinn.

He was not original member of I Riigikogu, but was chosen in order to replace Adam Bachmann.[1] Westholm, a teacher and headmaster, founded the Jakob Westholm Gymnasium as a private school for boys in Tallinn in 1907. The school is now a co-educational primary and secondary school and still bears his name.[2] Westholm was instrumental in helping to create the legal and foundational basis of the Estonian education system.[2]


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